Why my ssd is not being detected while installing Manjaro?

When I'm installing manjaro on my computer it doesn't detect the ssd. I've already disabled secure boot.
Then I tried to install Manjaro architect version but it is also not detecting my ssd.
Is there a way I can have both on my ssd?
Because Manjaro uses AHCI and Windows is using RAID.


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but when I do AHCI windows doesn't work

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what should I do to have both on my pc?

Sorry I don't do Windows support.

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If I'll change it to AHCI and install manjaro then again change it to RAID will both work?

I'm not sure if it is possible to switch from RAID to AHCI and keep your Windows install. It's quite possible that you'll have to reinstall Windows with the SSD set to AHCI. I never used Windows 10, so I can't help you with that.

If you're on a desktop, get a separate HDD for Manjaro. That will make your life simpler.

Is it possible what I'm asking?

Is it possible to have both Windows and Manjaro on a single SSD? Yes.

Is it possible to switch from RAID to AHCI and keep your Windows install? Probably not, but idk. My guess is that you'll have to format it and install Windows again. You should probably ask this in some Windows support forum.

Will Manjaro work if, after installing it, you switch back to RAID? No.

Thank you

I uninstalled Manjaro but now in BIOS at the place of bootloader '2' is written. But still windows is working :tired_face:.
At the place of bootloader there was 'Windows Bootloader' before I attempted to install Manjaro. Now it is '2' . What should I do?
Is this a serious problem? Because my laptop is new that's why I'm afraid.

This search contains links relevant to your issue.


Changing a computer systems software or boot method does not invalidate any hardware warranty.


Thank you

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