Why multilib "Winetricks" is still outdated?

arch’s package is uptodate winetricks-20201206-1-x86_64
manjaro’s multilib is outdated even in testing winetricks-20200412-1-x86_64

so I upgraded from arch’s repo.
warning: winetricks: local (20201206-1) is newer than multilib (20200412-1)

How do I suggest a package update in testing?


Stable : 20200412-1
Testing : 20200412-1
Unstable : 20201206-1

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Thanks for your response. Is there a way to mark a package in “unstable” for release? Or vote a package as stable?

That’s not the way it works. You can either switch to the testing branch or wait for the next stable update.

I don’t recommend installing packages directly from Arch, but in this case doing so with winetricks is fine.

I would like to contribute to testing so I’m switching to the testing branch. Manjaro gave a lot to me, and it’s time to give something back. Is there documentation on this?

What I mean is, I will continue to submit bug reports as always but how does the “ok this package is good” works.

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Normally they are reported in the Testing Update Release threads.
(through both the release poll and individual responses where necessary)
Though I suppose from time to time a new thread may be warranted for something specific.

I’ll also just leave this here:

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latest winetricks release updated 13 days ago
Manjaro bumped it from Unstable to Testing yesterday

Amazing, truly amazing. Thanks for all the info on branches and timelines.