Why manjaro team choose snap ?

I check the snap store and i find that many pachages are outdated for example the wps office, in addition snap packages have problems accessing external drive and some folder "i noticed this problem when i use opendrive snap"
So why the team choose it ? and why not flatpak?

because they can they make that choice

The topic has already been discussed ad-nauseam.

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For each choice, there is reasons that led to it.

There are several reason to choose it:

  1. Maybe its easy to collaborate with Canonical. Also, its no secret Manjaro aims to be a kind of ArchBunto (I say this in a non offensive way / not criticizing).
  2. More people use Snaps than FlatPaks, by large.
  3. Snaps are completely self contained (they have no dependencies, like flatpak's frameworks). This may take more space if you abuse snaps, but produces a cleaner system in the end.
  4. Manjro team can get a bunch of statistics from Canonical.

This said, I'd also prefer Flatpaks.

However, nothing was actually chosen. You can use whatever you want. It's just that snapd comes enabled on some ISOs.

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This is the downside of sandboxed applications. They are sandboxed and can't access all resources.

The new ISOs are shipping with both snaps and flatpaks enabled.

Whether you use the repos, AUR, snaps, flatpaks, appimages or some combination of them all is up to you.

That being said, I agree with @SinisterBrain. It is too soon for another thread on why snaps. Please review the linked thread if you wish to see all possible sides to that debate.