Why Manjaro Kde use fsck?

Well I checked it out.See I don’t wanna do things which I don’t know. :flushed:

Yep I don’t wanna mess up my pc. :rofl:

But the message still slowing down boot time :frowning:

Do u have ssd?

Nope, I’ve got Hdd

Read this, u will know everything

I don’t know how to do that. can you give me a video or something like that…
It’s hard to understand. :worried:

As I said before:
it is unlikely that this is the case.

You misinterpret it as slowing your boot time down.

The message comes from when the filesystem is mounted.
No checks have been done.
It just tells you that there is nothing wrong, all is good.

If a check would be happening, you’d see more messages
Checking filesystem on /dev/xxx
checking inodes, blocks and sizes
… and some more lines of info
only after that you’d see:
/dev/sda2 clean …

But this doesn’t happen with XFCE.

I don’t know.
I don’t run Manjaro - and I don’t like the totally silent boot process anyway.
I want to see the information …

It is probably down to a difference in
between this system and your Xfce system
the last line, specifically.

… probably

So you’re saying what exactly?

Just hide the msg if u don’t want to see it

I have already said how to do that

How can I do that? :upside_down_face:
Ok then.

I speculated.
You could check for differences between the two systems - since you say it doesn’t happen with Xfce …
I wasn’t saying anything definitive - because I don’t know - and I personally don’t care about no messages at all during boot.

You don’t know?? :thinking:

Yes, that happens sometimes. :sunglasses:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

At the end of ‘grub cmdline linux default’ add ‘console=tty3’

Save and exit nano or ur text editor

sudo update-grub

Well, Thanks to everyone who wasted their time here :hugs:
This might be a bug comes with iso so let’s forget about it :confused:
Because nobody knows what this is.

U can hide that easily

Wtf man