Why manjaro homepage was changed?


Well, we still have our other design.


This design looks cool on desktop browser.


But not so good on mobile, that is why we went for the other design and tried to adopt as much as possible.


What parts of the site look terrible? And why, so we can evaluate it and do something about it.


let’s start with least to most.

first of all why isn’t this centered makes it look weird

secondly the home page i think a slideshow was better that showed some of the OS but now we only see the bladebook which is fine if its in said slideshow.
since there is so much whitespace

i actually got nothing to say about news good job on that one it looks clean :+1:

the download page:
first of all why are previews in there by default I personally think that should be a check box.
why do i have to scroll to the bottom of the page to even see the downloads
maybe put downloads first :thinking:
when u click on a distro a slideshow would also be nice of what it looks like instead of 1 picture
again why do i need to scroll down so far just to get the download

just on everypage i need to scroll down so much i feel like that could be changed so its more slick.
why is each page the top so huge in huge letters on which page I am that really makes the site annoying to use.

thanks for reading got a comment, suggestion feedback leave it below
ps thanks to the manjaro team for maintaining this awesome distro.

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Most of your findings are already listed on our todo-list. You may have a look and comment as needed.

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What is not centered?

And other people would complain why there is no way to SEE how the DE looks like … check-boxes could also give the impression that can have multiple check-boxes ticked …
The reason the Downloads are at the bottom is so people that are new to linux will read the Ways you can try Manjaro
Many would skip reading it if was that at the bottom, then will start asking here on the forum why they did not know how … :slight_smile:

When there is a certain amount of information that needs to be shared on a page, either you scroll, or you click on tabbed/split content. People with a 4K Monitor will hate to have that content on top and all the space bellow to be empty :slight_smile:

Be prepared that it will grow and will be a constant back and forth. :slight_smile: There will be always someone with some “better” ideas … or a funky setup that require special tweaking, or the fact that they use custom CSS for their browser … etc.

Is not a page where you spend time. Is an informational page with a slight commercial look. Only the news page will be accessed constantly and that looks perfect IMHO on different browsers/resolution/devices :slight_smile:

I had clients that even said they can see the difference between #a53b28 color and #a53b30 to a printed canvas … LOL … So, people will always have an opinion about design :sunglasses:


Nothing like a positive comment, eh?


A bit of an ironic statement, especially the 'as this is the future for computer devices’, for a non-mobile OS. When will Manjaro for Mobiles be available if that really is the future? (neutral tone)

I think mobile (only) is not the future, because they are for many things far too small and inadequate. Crappy sound, unless you carry speakers with you (for several people to listen). Slow touch-screen typing, unless you carry a keyboard around with you. By the time you’ve finished grabbing the stuff you need for a proper computer experience, you may as well carry a laptop with a VoIP soft-phone installed, but still crappy sound.

A side-step to the OPs rant; I think the website responds well to viewport sizes, so I don’t see what the problem is. Everything seems to be in the right places as the viewport shrinks, so for me, it’s okay.

I disagree with the mobile-first approach to web design as all devices are equally important. With breakpoints in the right places, websites can look good on all devices, and the Manjaro site does well. The whole #Bladebook on the landing page seems odd as Manjaro should be the flagship hero.


We will work on the landing page as we go.


Great Feedback, Hopefully this will serve as an example for people ho don’t know how to leave feedback.:+1:

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didn’t know that was a thing i’ll have a look


I provide a picture of what’s not centered the buttons on the bottom bar


Its only a way to lay out your code resulting in less code, still has break points.


Mobile-first is good, but no one will download/install from mobile. Some pages may need desktop focus…


I think there is a misunderstanding in the mobile-first-phrase.

The phrase only signals that the site in question has done something so mobile devices can browse the pages.

It is driven by one specific giant which happens to produces the operating system for millions of devices - they are pushing sites which are mobile friendly.

If your site is not mobile friendly - then you a degraded in ranking.


The footer doesn’t quite have to follow the “centered” design :slight_smile:
Even tho we are in 2019, the 2015 awards was still a thing.


That is what I would call a cliche design. Glad you didn’t go with it.


I like that the link for the downloads is now in the middle of the page it just took some getting use to. Also I know this is not new but I like the girl on the homepage.


I like the old website version, where was too much easy to reach the download page.

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