Why manjaro homepage was changed?


Now it is very bad. It looks like garbage, everything is super unintuitive, font is super hard to read, and its not even clear what the site is about, at first i thought the site was hacked…


You will find people to contradict your statement and also some explanations here.


On the contrary - The new site is great.

  • Pure html and javascript - no more database lookups to slow the pages down,
  • No more security patching a wordpress cms
  • Clearly organised navigation

It is much better now.


I did a quick review of your post history. and it leaves me wondering why are you still using Manjaro. After a quick scan of your past posts I didn’t see anything that wasn’t critical of Manjaro. If you really have such a negative impression of anything related to Manjaro, I am left wondering why you are still using Manjaro?


A faithful troll. :smiley:
He read 2986 posts and didn’t like any of them.
Sad but true. :sob:


And his best is this one:


I am wondering if he is a bot :joy:


This is a sample of why the Manjaro Communtity is more awesome than other communties

This is not meant as disregard for other communties and nothing like that should be read into the above statement.

I am of the opinion that posts like this and OP’s other posts and more posts like it, the acceptance of such users at the Manjaro forum is outstanding.

How often have you joined a forum - of any kind - where the general attitude is - bear with them - they are none the wiser.

Manjaro users on the other hand - have taken the time to

  • listen
  • investigate
  • learn
  • share
  • help
  • handhold
  • bear with - to a certain degree - ignorants

and other superlatives I can’t remember.


Mebbe it’s time to bring the Ban Hammer down? If there is such a thing? If not, mebbe it’s time to craft one? :man_shrugging:


Exactly my point!

The Ban Hammer is simply not the Manjaro Way!
That is at least how I experience the users and the admins of this forum.

We - Manjaro Users - are forgiving human beings, which do not torch anyone, for any reason.

However - if you are a spammer or a troll - then your days at the Manjaro forum has been counted and you will be rejected.


We’ll give him a new name. :slight_smile:
“Destructivus, Tullius” (Asterix)


Apropos Asterix - what is the fish-selling-guy’s name in English/German etc

In danish he got the name Hørmetix which in danish relates to his fish’s lack of freshness and their - being not so fresh - disgusting smell.



Gives nothing (here mean money)

„Mein Fisch stinkt nicht!“ = “My fish doesn’t stink!”
Verleihnix (frz. Ordralfabétix ) ist Fischhändler.


I see now. I didn’t fully understand your post. Yes, I agree, the Manjaro community is very forgiving, mostly. There are those, as with any community, who are less tolerant than others, but that’s the nature of people, I suppose. I mentioned the Ban Hammer only because of the revelation of past behavior and, especially, the post that @mbod linked to. That seemed very inflammatory to me. :man_shrugging:

[ I do seem to like that :man_shrugging: emoji, don’t I? :laughing: ]


The Danish word translate directly to the fish which have had days to develop that distinct smell of Fäulnis.

So in Danish is more funny than in German, that is if there is no other impliziert in the name :slight_smile:


You mean - like his 3rd post on the forum? LOL


We even announced and introduced the page on our video channel:

Also it took us a while to update our page. We simply didn’t want to use Wordpress anymore and put Manjaro to the next level. So the design of the new homepage has a concept and as always, not everyone is agreeing with something.


Well! I’d like the model in the pictures…

Now… I found the page much more appealing, and looks great in a mobile (where I navigate the 89% of time)

PS:The girl line is just a joke not triying to offend anyone…


The page was design for mobile devices, as this is the future of computer devices. That is why we changed the forum software earlier to get to that approach.


Yeah, you are one of them.
When you will run your own distro, you can decide how the web-page will look like and you will find first hand if phone/tablet users are browsing it or not.
Is quite annoying to see all your pretentious post, with ZERO actual and factual value!


I’m def one of the people that thinks the new site looks terrible the addition of the news page is nice but besides that I have nothing nice to say about it