Why Manjaro hasn't forked a version Pantheon yet?

It could be made as a community release. They did it with Deepin (DDE), why not with Pantheon?
Or maybe… elementaryOS don’t let you fork it?

Because someone in the community will have to want to do it and will probably have to be someone who actually uses it on a day to day basis.

It’s open source.

I tried Alucryd packages for Pantheon on an Archlinux in Virtualbox. Pantheon cannot be launched successfully…

See Archlinux wiki on Pantheon for more info. And in some ways, I think Pantheon is like Unity: not conceived to be used on other base than its official distribution.

It need a maintainer

Tried it a couple of times, need a lot of work to get the full thing

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When some time ago i jump into Manjaro i build a pantheon version of Manjaro… I release 2 or 3 Isos but damn was a very hell to obtain it to work… Example in this release i use the first prototipe of Budgie panel instead the elementary panel because not of all notification Works, i have created a dedicated repo for pantheon where i had forked more pkg and patched to work. The true is that pantheon and Rolling release model like Arch are incompatible without more work…


Well, I think that Pantheon is made for an Ubuntu base, like Unity between 2011 and 2017.

You cannot build one of the main component of Pantheon known as Gala against mutter 3.30…

Looks like we’re facing another Unity desktop environment here.

To sum it up: pantheon, like unity, is being developed against very specific versions of certain software libraries. Manjaro has newer versions of those libraries, and cannot stick to the old ones like elementary does because of the rolling release model. Therefore most pantheon components simply won’t compile on manjaro and making them work takes so much work that it is not worth doing.

Pantheon just doesn’t work well with rolling release, because it is developed for a very different environment.

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Or any other mainstream distribution. I wonder if there is a port for Fedora or OpenSuSE… And if so, in which state?

And it is a mistake which will be payed on the long run.

According to this post:

Pantheon (from a 3rd party repo) works on Debian Stretch but completely borks the desktop in Debian Buster (Testing).

I couldn’t be bothered. I last used Pantheon when I had elementary “Luna” on my now-departed 32-bit Pentium 4 PC. The DE and the distro as a whole were pretty good, but I think that was because the Ubuntu 12.04 base was solid.

However I found their own apps (e.g. Noise) buggy and/or not what I wanted, so I removed all of them and installed the “normal” stuff from Ubuntu repos, leading me to the conclusion that the only good part of elementary was pantheon + pretty theme + icons, and the rest was just Ubuntu.

I tested Freya and Loki but never found them as good so they didn’t join my multiboot collection. Whether that was because the newer Ubuntu bases weren’t as good or elementary itself (pantheon) went downhill, I don’t know.

I think Budgie is a good alternative if you want something that might give OP a similar vibe. And there is a community edition for Manjaro Budgie.

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Pantheon not working in other distros is probably more of feature than a bug for elementary devs. Compatibility is just not important for them.


I tried the latest of your iso some month ago, but didn’t get to the desktop (autologin to non existent gnome-desktop?)
Builded (more of the times trying to build) some iso with autologin=false and sshd enabled, Alucryd repo was a mess with a lot of packages needing rebuilds (that repo lately has been emptied or moved lately) end result booted to desktop but freezed after a few seconds.
Instead installing the Pantheon desktop alongside Gnome seemed fine but same problem with packages

They are cultivating their garden and seem to pay them at least for now. Some users and developers might like certain direction and guidelines the Elementary devs have taken

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Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that.

Might come to Fedora

I can’t see how as Fedora is also a Rolling Release distro. It’s one thing to propose and vastly another to implement.

Because there are/ there will be people working on it to make it usable?

From https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/PantheonDesktop#Pantheon_Desktop

Most of the components of the Pantheon desktop shell and the applications developed by elementary have already been packaged for fedora.

Packages for the Pantheon DE and elementary applications have been available since fedora 25 in some cases, and most components have been available since fedora 27. Upgrading to the latest fedora release brings users the latest versions of these packages.

I really hope they do it. I just don’t think it will be as easy as it sounds. I wish Fedora, especially in these uncharted waters.

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