Why Manjaro causes less eye strain than other distros of Linux?

It is definetely better than Ubuntu. I have an AMD RX 5XX card and have a hard time with Linux Mint. I have tried others such as Kubuntu. Right now I am using XFCE Manjaro. It seems to be easier to look at for long periods of time. Can you all let me know why this is? I have tried other version of Manjaro such as Gnome and it seems to be accross the distro. I have not install other Arch distros but am not sure if this is accross all Arch distros.

I would love to be in the know.

Thank you for the great work.

Any input is appreciated.

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I think you’re just prejudiced. :smiley:

Manjaro’s font settings OOTB may have something to do with it. There are none in the various DEs in vanilla Arch, as an example.


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We also use darker themes by default most of the time … and then theres the fancy stuff like ‘redshift’ that we get sooner than *buntu and others usually.
Besides these things I’ll just agree with c00ter and assume you happen to find us attractive. :wink:


Great input, keeps me sane. Glad to know its me and not the distro.

All I know is that LXDE in Manjaro is killer, compared to others. I always choose the darkest barable custom themes and in a rare occassion I get
a mismatch of a black text-box with black letters.

I think the only explanation is the darker themes :slight_smile: If you’re looking to have a good time, install redshift :wink:


[quote=“wrightpt, post:1, topic:25686, full:true”]It seems to be easier to look at for long periods of time.

Does it!?

When I first installed the Xfce edition, I could swear my ciliary muscle tightened so much I developed that type of glaucoma that makes you look like a sleep deprived drunk that has just been punched on the eye.

  1. First thing to go was that crazy thin airline font. Good ol’ Ubuntu Regular to a decent size of 10 (11 for bigger screens) saved me a trip to the hospital.
  2. Then it was the Qt5 settings. Changing the default gtk2 theme to Fusion and reducing the window background from pure white to a decent light grey that still resembles white meant no more insomnia for me.
  3. Moved to install Redshift then, and added the settings below to a new .config/redshift.conf file. This last change meant that the word “cataract” is still only a synonym to waterfall.
  4. I did retain Vertex-Maia theme (it’s a sort of more or less almost close to being nearly a good theme). But changed the flat icons(*) to something more easy to identify at a quick glance without having to focus too much on the icon image. Elementary-xfce-dark. And this meant that other than the glaucoma I would not develop also mental disabilities.

Redshift config file (change your location’s latitude and longitude):


(*) Flat icons are a designer bug that went mainstream some 15 years ago or so. It should be fixed when humanity regains some sense and developers read the bug reports.


green is the easiest color on the eyes

One can only hope and pray.



I, for one, welcome our flat overlords.


that is my cat when she gets caught inside my plants

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What are we resisting again, I forgot!
Is it the hydra?

Eye strain.


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So…the first time I read that I missed the “L” in plants which gave it whole different meaning.

You’re not alone. Now I’m even more worried…


I have exactly the same feeling, could it be that Manjaro installs the Freetype2 package more correctly than other distros? Or by default and other distros don’t?

I use i3wm but gnome manjaro causes much less eye strain for me compared to ugly Ubuntu.



Not when the official Maia green used to be this radioactive eye burning shade maybe a year ago! :grinning:

Don’t you remember that login background that was just that single unrelenting colour?!

Red is naturally the best color in darkness as it does not cause readjustment in the eye. The reverse of red is green, and the reverse of dark is light/white. So green on white or Manjaro green on light gray is just as easy as red on black.

Subs have red light and so do race cars/trucks have red backlight on instruments as it is easy for the eyes to maintain their dark adjustments. Idiotic vehicles have green backlighting on instruments. You look at your rpm and speed and then you don’t see the deer in front of you.

So it is science based not just aesthetics. Red on white is irritating, but so is black as max contrast and that is what most text is written on.


I think Manjaro, in certain cases, causes more eyestrain due to the addictive nature–and the necessary reading thereof–the Manjaro forums. Or maybe that’s just us old retired farts.



Retired in what respect?

As long as you still have good ideas and you share them with people (communication) you still are a lean mean fighting machine; don’t let them convince you otherwise :wink:

The connection between refried and farts, I assume it must be beans? :slight_smile:

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