Why isn't mirrors.fossho.st/manjaro updating?

it’s already a few days after the recent update and it’s one of the two mirrors i use.
i suppose it’s fine to update if only one of my mirrors has updated( mirrors.manjaro.org/repo);
the thing is that i don’t get a notification of the available update so i probably have to refresh the datbases?

That is why there are multiple mirrors, when one of them fails, you update the mirrors first then update:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && pamac update

how come that now after it was updated, it didn’t show in my mirrors list when running sudo pacman mirrors
and i had to add it again with sudo pacman-mirrors --interactive --default && sudo pacman -Syyu

Because sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 selected 5 random mirrors from your current mirror pool and that one wasn’t included (either pure chance or it’s not part of the current mirror pool).

$ pacman-mirrors

works just by itself without sudo.

If you know the mirror to be slow to sync - why would you re-add it?
You’ll have the same symptoms next time your branch gets updates…

i did not run sudo pacman-mirrors -f5,i always run the command i posted and interactively/manually choose the mirrors.

i followed the manjaro wiki

they are usually fine and i use those because they are official Manjaro ones.

what i was wondering is if mirrors get removed from my list just because they haven’t synced.