Why isn't Manjaro ARM listed on RBPi?


In fact even on other sites, it shows Arch but not Manjaro.
We really should be included IMHO


Manjaro ARM is not so well know and is quite young

About the Raspberry foundation I guess they don’t care much about third party distributions, I can assure you that there are never been so much distributions in that link, long time ago there was also ArchLinuxARM when they provided the images instead of tar archives.

forgetten this before https://github.com/FabioLolix/fabiololix.github.io/commit/c5532f9c505a66285c6d3db6abe5be91fbd6e889 :kissing_heart:

not well known

By the way that list of MakeUseOf is half garbage, as any other list that still include Pidora after 2015

My measuring meter of garbageness is the inclusion of Pidora, Arch Linux instead of Arch Linux ARM, forget to mention that Ubuntu Mate didn’t boot on newer RPis(*), and inclusion of barely usable OS like ChromiumOS, Plan9, Android, etc…

(*) while updates came, refresh of .img where late


but it’s not on any list I search for.