Why is this word black listed?

I tried to use the phrase "b-r-ick the computer" without the hyphens but it won't show. I can't find any very bad connotations in urban dictionary or else where...is it a not polite word in some other language?

Because people used it the wrong way all the time to mean removing grub or having desktop stuttering or the wrong color theme etc ...

"I cant find my windoze install, manjaro ■■■■■■■ my computer!"


Because if you "■■■■■ a computer", there is no amount of help in any forum that could "un-■■■■■" it. So I'm assuming it is censored to prevent people from spamming update announcements or the forum in general with wrongly/badly/imprecisely described problems which would be a waste of time for everyone.


Yeah I could see that getting annoying. Just wanted to make sure. I wanted to give a warning to NOT effup the computer :).

B-r-i-c-k is what I did to a 2005 Compaq handheld trying to flash it to something-something Linux. It was a really cool toy up 'til then. :sob:

For some reason I do not make a good 'early adopter' of things-Linux. They always die.


Yeah, I use my b-r-i-c-k-e-d (BIOS flash gone wrong) 486DX2 as a mini coffee table.



Up until recently, I b-r-I-c-k-ed my Manjaro installation multiple times after installing Manjaro on unstable hardware. It would lock up randomly, forcing a hard reboot. Eventually fixed this by properly overclocking the system. (Haha. Not a manjaro issue, a hardware-from-2008 issue.)

Btw, it takes probably 10-15 continuous hard reboots to ruin a BTRFs filesystem. I say that’s pretty good!

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5 examples of misusing that word.

Help! Manjaro b-r-I-c-k-ed my system. Now I can’t boot windows (why would you want to anyway)

Help! Manjaro b-r-I-c-k-ed my system, I failed to keep the power in while I updated!

Help! Manjaro b-r-I-c-k-ed my system. (After dropping laptop in pond). Now my laptop will not turn on!

Plays with DE customization settings
Help! Manjaro b-r-I-c-k-ed my system. Now my icons are messed up and the background is wrong!

Uses rm to erase / or dd to overwrite their disk
Help! Manjaro b-r-I-c-k-ed my system. Now I can’t boot my computer!


last one is incorrect it should be
Uses rm to erase /

MODERATION NOTE: Let's not put commands out there if someone tried them could destroy their system. Especially without any context or warning.

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Thanks! Lol

There is :brick:ed ... fwiw.


Yeah...br... means not recoverable. Period. A reinstall, or even a replacement of a say the hdd / ssd should not help or it's not br....
Also to me it has to be a software cause. Most often a faulted bios upgrade, it seems, tho modern bios flash tools tend to check things automatically. It used to be quite easy to br... a system that way.

A lightning strike doesn't count, to me. Then the correct term is fried.


Looks fun I don't want roots on my computer--I'll try it n...

I always understood the word :brick: as changing your expensive hardware into a paperweight.

I did that with a €800 smartphone only a few months old. :robot:


HA Ha i did the same sat on a bar stool. i forgot it was in my back pocket it snapped in two super glue did not fix it. lol so i now have two :brick::brick:

A :brick: is something my little lady uses when she's pissed at me and I might add it hurts when thrown correctly. :dizzy_face:

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That's literally the opposite of a ■■■■■■■ system.