Why is this rkhunter error happening: Invalid BINDIR configuration option: Not a directory

I am running Manjaro Arm.

I have installed rkhunter with pacman and I have built from source and I get the same error when I write sudo rkhunter --check:

Invalid BINDIR configuration option: Not a directory: /home/knoideclat/.local/bin/cmake.

I have googled the problem but I have not found a solution.

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This is because the folder is in path (/etc/profiles.d/home-local-bin.sh) but it actually needs to be created by the user.

mkdir ~/.local/bin
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can you be a little bit more explicit. I typed mkdir ~/.local/bin and I got an erro message saying the file exists already.

Execution of sudo rkhunter --check validates the PATH variable. This particular error can occur if you have an invalid directory declared. The sudo command will inherit the existing PATH variable set for the user.

First I’d suggest running file /home/knoideclat/.local/bin/cmake. If it returns anything other than directory, that’s likely the problem. The PATH variable should contain only directories.

Next run echo $PATH, if /home/knoideclat/.local/bin/cmake exists then you’ll want to find where this is being set (check ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, etc.) and either remove it or ensure that you only have a single path for /home/knoideclat/.local/bin/. You can easily test the theory by running PATH='/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin' sudo rkhunter --check