Why is there hate for manjaro?


it honestly seems like manjaro gets a lot of hate for holding back updates and being buggy, but honestly I feel like manjaro is way more stable than arch or anything else. It doesn’t break as often for me, unless it’s my own fault. It’s very user friendly, and at the same time i feel like manjaro gets a lot of praise, and hate. but why the hate?


Most haters are probably used to a non rolling distro that requires little regular maintenence. Like freedom, the cost of running a rolling distro is eternal vigillence.


Many Arch users view Manjaro as inferior because Manjaro automates many of the tedious tasks, including installation, that Arch users feel superior for completing in the terminal.


Nothing but love here. :hugs::star_struck:


We are listening more to our users. You may see it here:

Since we have branches, you may choose on how brave you are. Having people in testing or unstable helps us to get only a working snapshot of our packages over to our stable branch.


Where? Who said that?

That is not my consensus, based on using/being a (card-carrying?) Archer, and reading the Arch Forums daily for years. Same with Manjaro. I don’t know where you get that information, but I wouldn’t mind reading more than just a “many blah-blah-blah” opinion.

Arch and Manjaro are two different breeds o’ cat, that is all, Arch being user-centric and Manjaro being distribution-centric.

But the only place I have ever heard this Hate crap is here, not in the Arch Forums, and you know what? It makes me feel very ashamed because I have a great love–if you can call it that–for both distributions, run either/or both distributions, and I am a participating member of both forums.

Take your hate crap elsewhere.

Forum threads like this are disparaging, false, and should immediately be flagged and closed, IMHO.


I’m both an arch and a manjaro user. I saw Manjaro bashing on some sites, but not on archlinux.org forum I read from time to time.

There will be idiots from everywhere, but I think the worst ones are related to systemd vs OpenRC vs runit vs sysVinit.

When you read this message, you know if there is hate for Manjaro from other distributions, this is a really little thing compared to the holy init war.



Not gonna. Again, this thread needs closure, not continued, like spreading manure.


Needs closure? Really? I was just speaking of real hate between free software users.

You can’t be a satisfied arch and manjaro user? You can’t relay human stupidity?

I was just showing what can be the worse hate in free software world.


Right on c00ter! Tripe like this surfices from time to time … Arch runs great and is at least as stable as Manjaro. There forum is disciplined and structured but friendly, as long as you are not a needy wimp. Both are powerfull Os’s.

But every one remember, most of Manjaro flows from Arch.


Just to be clear: I’m both a satisfied Arch and Manjaro user. I see Manjaro to be Arch’s successful daughter.

I was just talking about some real hate between users. I should have shut my damn mouth.

I entered Archlinux world back in 2008-2009. A Manjaro-like project would have been my choice if there were one.

I think Manjaro is the way to go for many users. Archlinux is too complicated and too much “time eater” for a lot of people. This is why I’m running it on my 7 years old laptop. It is simpler for me to manage.


Hate is a strong word.


There’s enough of that going on IRL right now, We don’t need it, or even stories of it, repeated here.

And there I stand.



I was just showing an example of hate. Is that a deadly sin?


Maybe, but it was in the OP title…


Only if you are Catholic. :wink:


Well… Religions… I don’t want to start another holy war on this subject. European history speaks for itself here.


what. I love manjaro, i don’t think it’s buggy at all, and if you do really want to know where i here this, from the linux discord server


LOL! That says it all. Hell, hate, and discord.


… another inflammatory thread with no merit!