Why is there a time-gap of 2 hours between default user-account and administrator account

Thx for your comment.
I did NOT set this parameter yet. I’m aware of this setting but don’t know anything about the impact of NOT setting to True. I will experiment with it and let it know when the time-gap still appears or not.

I think you’re right about the existing time-gap of 2 hours is (also) Firefox related.
In Manjaro I’ve already set my global system time to UTC. In my task toolbar I notice the right local time, as well in my normal user account, as well in my administrator (=not Root!!!) account.

I see this time-gap only when I use Ublock Logger. So It can also something to do with the extension uBlock Origin (and/or uMatrix). These Firefox extensions are by the way installed through the repository of Manjaro and not from within Firefox (as far if that’s possible). But I’ve already noticed that there is no difference in the effect: the 2 hours time-gap stays nevertheless.

I just get a tip to set explicitly in Firefox the ‘resist.fingerprinting’ to true. I let it know whether the effects changes with this parameter.

I’m quit sure it is definitely a Firefox related issue…

Although the system time-gap is technically solved with UTC settings, the time-gap in Firefox still stays and still differs (2-hours backwards) between normal user account and administrator (non-root but sudo). Firefox opened in the administrator account keeps informing (uBlock logger) me in the right local time, while opened with normal user account informs me 2 hours ‘earlier’.

So the main problem system wise may be solved or cleared, the official question isn’t answered yet.

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