Why is there 2 system managers on KDE?

They are ksysguard (top) and plasma-systemmonitor (bottom)

They all have System Load and Process Table, and plasma-systemmonitor has Overview Applications and History

I think plasma-systemmonitor is enough

It is more complicated in the Chinese version which they have same translations “系统监视器” (though, the ksysguard has KDE in front of it ) and same icon.

I think you are right. plasma-systemmonitor is already a part of the plasma-meta package group and is meant to be a replacement of ksysguard. Better if you create a issue here:

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Plasma System Monitor App is the successor to KSysGuard, but if you have the plasma5-applet-thermal-monitor package installed, is still dependent on the KSysGuard …

I would object to that. plasma-systemmonitor does not recognize all of my temperature sensors, while ksysguard does.

No need to create a issue for something they are already aware of. Just let the Plasma devs remove Ksysguard over time as they add the few remaining feature from it to Systemmonitor.


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