Why is Plasma 5.25 series not yet in Testing branch available?

the next 5.25 version (5.25.3) will be 3 weeks later than 5.25.2, there is no time to wait.

Yeah, I was expecting to see this as well.

That is the purpose of the testing repository, right? To test? KDE 5.25 is at Point Release 2, we should be testing it. C’Mon man, give us KDE 5.25!

Version Type Date Tars Date Release Comments
5.24.6 LTS Bugfix Mon 2022-07-11 Delayed six days from previous schedule Mon 2022-07-11 (same day) Bug fixes and new translations only from Plasma/5.24 branch
5.25.3 Bugfix Tue 2022-07-12 Tue 2022-07-12 (same day) Bug fixes and new translations only from Plasma/5.25 branch
5.25.4 Bugfix Tue 2022-08-04 Tue 2022-08-04 (same day) Bug fixes and new translations only from Plasma/5.25 branch
5.25.5 Bugfix Tue 2022-09-06 Tue 2022-09-06 (same day) Bug fixes and new translations only from Plasma/5.25 branch

For Testing and Stable we will ship 5.24.6 LTS hopefully on Monday. Unstable might see 5.25.3 on Tuesday …


Wouldn’t it make sense for, I dunno, the non-LTS KDE 5.25 to be released to testing ?

Pushing a .6 LTS release to testing just doesn’t seem right to me, not when there is a .2 Point Release already out, with .3 on the horizon.


This is weird. I switched back too unstable to get the latest Plasma. Sure, there were some minor issues with the first release, but version 25.1 and now 25.2 are the fixing ones and to be honest, the experience is really good. I thought that testing branch is for testing. Waiting so long with 25 release may be good for stable, but I can’t see doing it any good on testing branch, where the majority of more adventurous and experienced users are. Plasma nowadays is well managed, so one release every few ones gets bigger regressions. Most Plasma release are really stable and perfectly suitable for testing.

The only good thing in it, is that switching branches is really easy. Going too unstable to testing back and forth usually is not causing any issues, so I am staying on testing for most of the time, but switch to unstable when Plasma new releases (plus fixing versions) show up and then go back to testing. Works perfectly.

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Maybe we can move these to a new thread?

Yes, I love the color-scheme followed by background image and the workspace navigation.



Manjaro is a curated rolling release, see below more explanation

Well to make this one clear: there is nothing weird in not having the latest Plasma in testing branch. Testing is used to get packages into the branch which will land in stable at some point. Latest packages you will always find in Unstable with the caveats when libraries or other things force us to do rebuilds of our own overlay packages.

Also within the release team and KDE ISO maintainers we discussed this when 5.25 is ready for us. It will be part of 22.0 release of Manjaro,which may come out in several months. Till then we keep 5.24 as given, since we shipped that with Ruah release. Those who really want the latest and greatest can always switch to Unstable or even get involved into the Manjaro development.


Only one thing seems clear: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
Perhaps there are reasons for delay, but not visible for me or some other users.
No Explanation?

“It will be part of 22.0 release of Manjaro,which may come out in several months


Yup. I believe Manjaro is really dropping the ball on Plasma 5.25.

I really want to stick with Manjaro for a lot of the Manjaro built packages. Not adventerous enough to run the Unstable branch.

But yeah, the reasonings stated by @philm for not pushing 5.25.2 to testing is just silly.


I’ve had more adventures running Testing and Stable, but that’s my experience. Unstable is The Manjaro for me.



after several months 5.26 will be out and stable

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Well, it will be out. But not stable I assure you. 5.25.2 is not stable yet, to be honest. I have it now, I know what I’m talking about. However, most its issues are kind of a minor nature, for instance, its new shiny feature that applies accent color to windows’ titlebars tends to paint minimize maximize and close buttons of GTK headerbars in white color making them look weird. Yeah, minor. But utterly annoying.
5.24.5 looks very solid from this point in time, and it will be even better after 6th point release.


Regardless of claims above 5.25.2 is stable.

For what it’s worth, this it the final straw for me. Having to wait > 1 month after a kernel comes out before it (and many many other packages) get updated has been grating on me for some time.

Plasma 5.25 contains critical bug fixes to my workflow (kwin dies in 5.24 and so I’m left without recourse except rebooting)

Only thing left for me to figure out is if I’m going to go with the improved archinstall, or try my hand at Endeavour.


OK I’ll pipe in here with the “all good things come to those who are patient” comment I’m in no hurry to update, take your time, get it right so everything goes as smooth as silk.


You could just switch to unstable instead :person_shrugging:


I made the switch from Testing to Unstable, but one shouldn’t have to.

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I don’t agree with everything Manjaro does and have often posted so. But we all know what Manjaro is, and it isn’t arch. It’s a curated release with the stable branch “noob friendly”. If we want the latest and greatest software all the time then we use arch or another arch based distro.
Whether we like it or not manjaro is always going to hold some packages back until bugs have been resolved


And since we ship Plasma mostly pre-installed on our hardware we have to see that those work also. Those who are brave can always switch branches. And yes, we are not Arch: Manjaro is NOT Arch - YouTube