Why is only LibreOffice still selectable during the new installation?

Why is only LibreOffice still selectable during the new installation? I did the reinstallation last without office, to then install LibreOffice fresh later, but to me that seems a bit cumbersome. Just as well you could also offer the firefox only in the ESR version. In my opinion, it does not fit to a rolling release to offer such outdated software versions out of the box.

I agree that the installer could provide an option for still/fresh, but let not exaggerate, this is not a real issue as still is working properly.

It works properly, yes. But still doesn’t fit bleeding edge, right?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you. Having different applications to choose from is cumbersome?

It’s available to build from source as firefox-esr or as a binary release as firefox-esr-bin in the AUR.

I’m not sure what you’re calling outdated. ISOs are just snapsnots in time. Up to date software is just an update away with rolling releases. You only have to install once.

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That’s right, only LibreOffice will always remain LibreOffice still, no matter how many updates are made. With cumbersome I meant: who selects LibreOffice during installation, will ALWAYS remain on still, unless he IMMEDIATELY reinstalls the fresh version.In my opinion, it is simply unnecessary to come with a rolling release with a version of Office that is more reminiscent of Debian. Maybe that’s a little more understandable now :wink:

Please close this thread, I see it leads to nothing …

If you wish.

That was up to you. :wink: