Why is discource keeping a log of what system i have logged in with?


Just noticed today that on my profile a log of what system i am logging in with ie last login was on Mac what does this serve I know what i logged in with,
This also leads to what other info is being collected that users don't know about.
This is not flaming just curious that's all


Many platforms log stuff like that, as a security measure.

So if an entry appears that you do not recognise, you should change passwords etc.

I know also Nextcloud does this.


yes is for our security, view if a hacker uses our account
google also show this informations

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Yes, Google is showing this information and is warning me EVERY time I log in to my account on the laptop instead of my mobile :rofl:


No google sends you a Email advising you that you have logged in on another machine and was it you.
I understand that I don't understand discourse is not informing you,. Only if you go to your profile do you know and how many user open their profile every time they login.


Exactly. So if you see one you don't know you can do something about it.

Good question. I suppose you could look at the Discourse source code and check what it's doing?


Thanks :nauseated_face::+1:


or test a docker image ?

i admin a phpbb forum, at all moment i can view all ip for one member

| (Rechercher une IP)|449|
| (Rechercher une IP)|130|
| (Rechercher une IP)|12|
| (Rechercher une IP)|5|
| (Rechercher une IP)|5|
| (Rechercher une IP)|4|
| (Rechercher une IP)|3|

(ip changed)

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When browsing web pages (by web standards http(s), php, etc), several info are sent to the web pages.
Collecting those info is something that is a standard/usual thing for statistics, security, usability and other. Web pages serve differently regarding OS, browser, display device, etc. It's how they make a single page look best with multiple devices (mobile, monitors, legacy mobile etc.).


its the new cool thing to do, everybody does it

my phone carrier/provider even tracks what smartphone i use (exact brand and model) and shows this in the account page, based on that i get recommendations to upgrade to similar models...


Well the good thing is I don't live in Lima i live 1500 klm to the north, so they can't even get the tracking right.


Just maps the ip and location of the vpn exit point, no big deal there, best to never use vpn servers in your own country anyway.

Says all my logins are from a Windoze machine too ... :woman_shrugging:

I'd imagine extensive fingerprinting would also be done by Discourse, whether that is also available to forum admins ... :woman_shrugging:

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Well that is a good answer seeing I don't use vpn,
This has only started recently and why would a forum track users, Please no ■■■■■■■■ leave that to others, Unless this is a media site and what other marketing info is being collected, and is Manjaro asking for this information to be collected and more.