Why is Debian Buster (!= MX Linux) faster than Manjaro on web browsing

I read article from Phoronix: The Fastest Linux Distributions For Web Browsing - Firefox + Chrome Benchmarks On Eight Distros.
They did test and it is look like Manjaro is a little slowest then MX Linux on web browsing. What do you thing about it? Is it true? And they have other article where they tested few distros on Razer cpu and again Manjaro not faster. I thought Manjaro is faster distro because of Arch.

There is nothing about MX Linux there:

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Manjaro is bloat, that's why it's so slow. :wink:

Funny how they didn't test Arch, probably because they couldn't figure out how to install it. :joy:


Yes i was talking about this article.

while Debian Buster came out slightly ahead of the others
I thought arch based distro will be faster on web browsing.

What do you mean bload? Manjaro has xfce like mx linux.

Debian Buster is not MX Linux. The second is based on the first.

Anyway, if you care about speed and believe Phoronix, you should install Clear Linux anyway.

Maybe. But Clear it is like windows 10 has telemetry. And it is not customized. And it difficult to install on real ssd. It has something with EEFI
MX Linux based on Debian Buster. I don't think is that big difference between Debian and MX

I tried it, it is not too difficult to install and I mean to remember that telemetry can be disabled in the installer.

Anyway, we respect other distros and are happy if they achieve better results. Some day Manjaro might be able to catch up or be even better. It could simply change in a year. Distros and browsers are complex systems and you hardly ever know why the test are as they are.

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I was just reading the article. The comparison is not reliable.

@denis12, did you read the article or did you just look at the charts?

According to this test the slowest distro is openSUSE Tumbleweed while the fastest is Debian Buster Testing. And then you can read this:

"With each of the operating systems when applying all stable release updates, nearly all of the distributions had available the newest Firefox 66.0.1 and that's what was running. The exceptions were openSUSE Tumbleweed as of testing only had Firefox 65.0.1 and Debian Buster/Testing is still locked into Firefox 60.5.1. "

And furthermore they say:
"When switching to Google Chrome with version 73 on all of the tested platforms, the results were largely flat. "

Sorry to say that, but this is ridiculous. This is by no means a comparison of distros. It is a comparison of different firefox versions.


Do you have any tips about fast web browsing on Llinux? Does it important to have lightweight envoirment like XFCE or maybe KDE is good to go.

Don't be a help vampire! https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Forum_Rules#Life_is_a_Two-way_Street

I would check out https://porteus-kiosk.org/
I doubt you can get any lighter than that. (Edit: It's really not bad and a serious recommendation.)

I read articles and their comments. I agree maybe you are right but i didn't find any good article about comparing web browsing.

No, honestly! I don't want you to think that you are not welcome on Manjaro! The opposite is the case! :hugs:
But we appreciate precise communication, because we deal here with precise matters.

If you want advice on a Manjaro edition which is best for web brosing and on the best web browser for your machine and your browsing habits, then open a new topic in #newbies. But even better read some older topics even if they are long. The forum is full of discussion about the "best browser".
However I don't remember a topic about "best desktop environment for web browsing". Might be worth it if you opened one.

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Now im afraid to open any topic or write any post :slight_smile: because your moderation scares me :frowning:
I moved to Linux because of web browsing. Because on win10 you must use antivirus and it has other issues. But linux has issue with browsing too. It is hardware acceleration. Fonts. So that why I interesting in fuster OS for browsing. Because I like to open 100 tabs and 2-3 browsers :slight_smile:

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Phoronix also compared Linux with Windows both Firefox and Chrome. You are correct about worse hardware acceleration on Linux.

Don't be afraid! We are a friendly bunch here. :innocent:

Rather odd that you brought that up as recently I installed MX on old Samsung Netbook with 2gb and 120 SSD and updated it yesterday and experienced serious lagging with many apps including watching a video from youtube. This weekend I had planned to replace it with Manjaro. Ah well, will just have to try and see if there's much of a difference. It will be for my 7yr old daughter and she only plays with Scratch - so no real need for intensive apps.

I read that Chromium has acceleration now. I tried install Chromium VAAVI but it was look like it will been installing few days, so I dropped it.

How are you going to see difference between MX and Manjaro on web browsing?
In MX there are mx tools it has menu to install codecs and other. Maybe it must be installed I don't know.

I believe my test wont be so scientific :slight_smile: I'll just watch a few videos and make sure her favourite app works :grinning:

You don't have to build it yourself, there's a binary version: chromium-vaapi-bin.

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