Why is asp excluded and do I need it?

I just installed pikaur after removing yay, as its based on python instead of go, and it lists asp as an optional dependancy. Further investigation confirmed yay too listed it, atleast the version in AUR did. Since asp is available in official extra repo in Arch and is unavailable in Manjaro, is it necessary for me to build it from git? Or is it unnecessary in Manjaro?

~ >>> sudo pacman -Syu asp
[sudo] password for r:
:: Synchronizing package databases…
core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
multilib is up to date
error: target not found: asp

https:/ /archlinux. org/packages/extra/any/asp/

https:/ /aur.archlinux. org/packages/pikaur/

Instead you can install asp-git form AUR :wink:

pamac build asp-git

Maybe asp from Arch repos is unavailable in Manjaro repos because is orphaned and may cause problems :thinking:

Lolz why didn’t you just do ‘yay pikaur’ before removing yay? less typing :wink: it seems to list in reverse order (i.e. if you do ‘yay yay’ you get number 1 above your prompt, and have to scroll up to get to number 15 yayim, but if you do ‘yay yay’ you get number 1 nearest to the prompt and have to scroll up to get to the less relevant items… if you search ‘aspell’ with 315 results, that’s a fair bit of scrollwork.

pamac search asp brings up asp-git as the first answer. Interesting to try these out, maybe pikaur has some options… otherwise I like the way yay results are displayed more.

There is a config file, so I guess it’s time to go learn more about yay vs pikaur for me. Cheers.

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asp is a tool to manage the build source files used to create Arch Linux packages

Arch is not Manjaro; Manjaro is not Arch.

It’s a tool that works directly with Arch mirrors and packages that does not apply to Manjaro.


I don’t think so