Why I cannot post links?

This is a forum-related question, maybe a quite noob question :wink:

I am an old Manjaro usera and an old Manjaro’s forum user.
I did a new account, because when the old forum closed, my account was not present in the new forum.

I wanna post links related to my topic, but I receive an error message saying that I can’t post links.

I would like to know why this happens

Thank you

Its because its a new account with little activity (4 minute read time) so its trust level 0.
We dont want to encourage spam so … links are allowed at a higher trust level.

Also … you should know … please search before posting


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You have already got the answer.

But till you reach TL1, you could try this:

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No link not useful for provide information for ask for help :man_shrugging:

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There’s is ways to do this without linking to external websites. Such as pastebin…

It only sucks if need to show an example of a bug with screen shot.

How to post link to external pastebin if post link not allowed?

Did you read the thread? It’s already posted here:

(I’ve marked that one as a solution @salome because not everyone reads the entire thread even when it’s just composed of 4 answers, my apologies)


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