Why hasn't Manjaro enabled parallel downloading like Arch?

Pacman allows parallel downloading. And if interested instructions are:

  1. cd /etc
  2. sudo nano pacman.conf
  3. navigate to #ParallelDownloads
  4. delete the #
  5. change to 10
  6. Ctrl + X
  7. Y
  8. Enter

Arch does not enable it by default, either.

Configuration files in /etc/ are meant to be customized by the user according to preference.

FYI, Pamac aka Add/Remove Software had the parallel downloading feature before Pacman did. :wink:


The higher you set the number - the slower the update will be - think of it - your internet connection will suffer - greatly.

We had a trial on threading pacman-mirrors - it turned out really bad.

  1. Open up Add/Remove Software
  2. (It’s also known as “Pamac”)
  3. Click :hamburger:
  4. Click “Preferences”
  5. Enter password
  6. Make sure you’re on the “General” tab
  7. Carefully aim mouse cursor towards “Parallel Downloads”
  8. Change to the desired number
  9. Mission accomplished! (Almost…)
  10. Carefully aim mouse cursor the the “X” button in the top-right corner and click
  11. Do this again to fully exit Pamac
  12. Open up a terminal
  13. Enter the command: echo 'Parallel downloads activated'
  14. Hit Enter
  15. Read the message on your screen out loud
  16. Give a thumbs up to your display
  17. Take photo of your thumbs up with the terminal message in the background
  18. Post this success story to your social media accounts
  19. Include the hashtag #ParallelDownloadsSweetenMyLife

Depends on ones internet connection. In my case since I get between 600 and 800 mbps having it set to 10 doesn’t hurt my download of updates at all. On Average My updates are done faster.

That is exactly my point - you cannot make any prejudice by enabling a certain amount of parallels - it is a user decision based on knowledge.

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