Why Grub Menu doesn't show?

I have to ask but how come the GRUB2 Menu doesn’t show before Booting into the Distro? I noticed the Kernel I was using was near at the EOL and needed to be replace by 6. Couldn’t hold Shift fast enough to call up the Menu.

I didn’t see no Distro Support section so I have post this here:

So why was this done to begin with? It doesn’t make any sense to do this to begin with. Why would want this misfeature anyway?

you have to configure it in


…something like this


Edit: Yes, as metioned by @rene you have to

sudo update-grub

after that

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Because you’re not dual-booting.

Well, start holding it earlier than you did before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can also tap Esc.

Because there’s no logical reason to show the menu with only one entry.

EDIT: See @banjo’s post above to change the default to always show the menu.

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I have absolutely no idea why banjo’s post was “flagged by the community” – but just to add to his/her advise of GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu, note that you need to run sudo update-grub after changing /etc/default/grub.

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Because I did it erroneously. It’s been reverted.

Can’t a guy fix his mistakes and make edits within 30 seconds and have no one notice? C’mon… :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiplying the frequency with which I myself refresh a “have something to do” page when I have nothing to do with that same of those few hundred or thousands concurrent forum visitors – I doubt it…


…because it is better to handle if you have more than one kernel installed.
…hiding the menu is cosmetics over practicality


The point is, it’s not very often one would need to boot a different kernel. That’s why it’s hidden by default. Now you know there is an option to choose to enable the menu anyway, isn’t that great? :wink:

Now be a good chap, mark @banjo’s post as the :white_check_mark: Solution and enjoy your weekend.

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… and FWIW, if you do dual-boot /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober has at its last line a horrid computer-knows-better call to adjust_timeout which I always immediately comment out when installing a new distribution since even if I do dual-boot I definitely want a hidden menu without a timeout by default (as in, let alone when I don’t).

As long as you know when to hold Left-Shift (on legacy boot) or tap Esc (on UEFI) there is on most systems/BIOSen no problem calling up the menu when needed. No reason whatsoever to also have it in those other 99% of boots.

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My point was I’m not fast to quickly hold down the left shift key to call the menu or ESC. But thank you for mentioning the last.

There is another reason to have it. I wasn’t reading the Forum all that often and good thing I did today, because that is how I found out that 5.19 series is at EOL. Would have been lost otherwise.

I did edit the GRUB settings to show the menu. So it’s fixed.

Still going to writing an Article for new users to know if Manjaro is right for them or not. I will advise everyone to not put this distro on their parents computers.

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hiding the menu is cosmetics over practicality

It seems easy enough to me to edit the grub config file. I’d rather not force everyone to have to see the grub menu just because there’s a few of us who need to see it. Most installations of Manjaro won’t need to be bothered with the grub menu.

I think the Manjaro devs made the correct decision.

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I have to agree with @banjo here. Most of us will have multiple kernels installed such as the LTS one. For good reason.

I’m going to have to reading the Forum more often. Keep track of announcements so I can remove EOL Kernels.

There’s a little known secret to accessing either the BIOS or the “Choose boot device” function. But don’t tell anyone else, it’s too important for everyone to know.
Press the appropriate key/keys as soon as the you push the on button, the option chosen will appear as soon as the boot process allows. And even better, it work irregardless of the OS, even Android.

Indeed. I normally have three or more versions installed. However, I rarely need to switch and that’s normal. Again, you have the choice to enable the menu to suit your needs.

If we enabled the menu by default, there would be an uproar.

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

― John Lydgate


Why would there be an uproar? I just see this as part of using Linux. Just like using Repositories instead of looking for Applications online. A huge improvement there if you ask me.

Good grief. I wasn’t even booting into the 6.0 Kernel, much less removed the EOL 5.19.x one. Good thing I just checked otherwise I would have gone nuts later.

I only installed the 6.0 Kernel… Anyway thanks for your help.

…but there is Manjaro Notifier Settings you can adjust it ro inform you about unsupportet kernel.

…you can have more than one kerel, 5.15 may be a good fallback.

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