Why ffmpeg take lot of data while extracting frames from a online video?

I just extracted frames from a online video , it extracted around 956 frames. Size of all the extracted frames is 28.6 mb on hard drive but it just consume around 400-500 mb data. I extracted 1 frame every 3 second

here is the command

ffmpeg -ss 00:02:45.000 -i 'example.com/1mp4' -t 45:02.000 -vf fps=1/3 %01d.jpeg

Is there any way I can see frames of a video online whenever I hover pointer on duration of video?

I expected it to consume less data

You are confusing the data consumption and the data size…

  • Data size is the amount of bytes inside the stream after being decoded.
    That’s what you end up when you extract frames.
  • Data consumption is the amount of bytes that need to be transferred from the internet to your computer.
    This is most often, if not always, much smaller because of compressions used either by the protocol or the video codec the data is encoded in…

Ohhhh Thank you so much Now I get it

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