Why don't more women use Linux as their os


My mom runs linux too, since 5 years now.
She is skilled with double clicks and bookmarks, no more. :smiley:


Well Actually if they want Linux flavor that works our of the box. Most new users should maybe try Opensuse. As I am not big fan of one click installs that Opensuse does. Because you don’t really learn anything. However Opensuse does make it pretty easy for a new user to use linux. I am also member of the Opensuse community cause my girlfriend uses the distro. so I use it on one of my many machines. Any way Opensuse uses yast as there installer/package manager. That package manager uses no command line a new user can see any how. As for why more women don’t use linux I am not sure on the answer. I agree most people it more about education what exactly is out there as far as distribution wise as far as linux goes. Think the last count on total available for linux was 256 according to one wiki of total Distributions out there. The documentation for Manjaro is absolutely amazing. Having great documentation for distro really helps new user learn more quickly then disorganized version. Since I am from Sidux which is now gone. I think if Linux as a whole were more marketed it would make people more aware of it. As it is in society today most people stick to what there used to.


my wife likes windows does not see the need for anything else, but that is ave woman’s logic,it comes free as a system why change it tell her their is a virus? answer you can fix it.


Most womens are not good with computers/tech, they just cant understand things in a simple way. Most of them are comfortable with windows, They have enough patience, so can handle windows.


Why are there so little women using Linux? Because in general women seem to be less interested in technology (unfortunately) and, if you are not interested in technology, you generally don’t use Linux.

Additionnally, we are on the internet: If you don’t know someones gender, you tacitly assume it’s male. So the visible proportion of women using Linux is even less than the true amount.


My friend runs manjaro 16.10 XFCE on her laptop. After a few minor tweaks it ran smoothly. She really hasn’t had any issues except for the standard “how to”


This is true. When my wife got her first coding job after college, her co-workers–all male–gave her a huge, black, strap-on dildo, the inspiration being she was going to need to “swing a big dick” in order to convince her all-male co-workers that she was ‘worthy’ of entering their profession.

That was the extent of Women in Programming 30-some years ago. I am also sure that kind of attitude has not helped attract females in any degree. :rage:

If my language offends anyone, I apologize. This-this type of attitude and language is exactly what my wife was presented with upon her entry to the field.



My mom made sure I could do all of that long before Linux existed, and before I reached the 5th grade. As well as use a sewing machine to make the shirt (it wasn’t pretty), can fruit, plant and tend a garden, and type on a typewriter. She tried desperately to get me interested in playing the piano, but sadly I failed at that,.


I think that was the recognised way to bring children up in our day, and the correct way in my mind.


Women tend to be very fashion oriented. Things need to look sexy.

Many Linux distros do not look sexy and fashionable out of the box, but can be made to look that way after customization.

Linux needs to get a more sexy image and more brand awareness. Many people/women simply don’t know about it.


Stereotype much?


There’s probability, and there is possibility. What would you say the odds of that post being 51% (or greater) correct?

Considering the cute little pair of red socks with reindeer faces and Christmas trees on them my 58 year old wife purchased no more than 5 minutes ago, I would guess ‘probability’ barring any real statistics.

Stereotypical? Yeah, probably so. :smiley:



My wife would kick you in the balls, if you were in the same room right now.

My wife was coding for massive mainframes when you were probably sucking on yo mama’s teats.

P.S. I’m serious about the balls part. The rest is fun in the age old “Yo Mama” tradition of doin’ the nines.


I said "Most’ of them, not All of them…


Well, seems the testerone is raging tonite… WOOOO HOOOOOO


But why does it matter how many women use Linux?


So sorry to know that your wife is very violent.


Indeed, and a kick in the boys is never a good thing.:scream:
I would never condone such a thing, but one must consider the repercussions of making such a statement…the boys are depending on it.:grimacing:

Best regards.


Nothing. People are either interested in Linux or they’re not. Just like people are either interested in knitting or they’re not. Or piano. Or ham radio. I have never heard anyone say, “What can we do to get more men to knit?”

And here is one female you’ll never see on Facebook. :wink:


I think this statement says much more about you than than women and Linux. If you actually knew any women you would realise just how ignorant and stupid your statement is. Either that or you are simply a willfully clueless, dedicated misogynist. Maybe try and meet get to know some women in the real world (ie not internet porn).