Why does the package (kdeconnect) appear twice in Pamac GUI?

Why does the package (kdeconnect) appear twice in Pamac GUI?


Good question for this one.

Often, you can find multiple entries for one package because Arch-based distros put multiple functionalities in the same package, compared to e.g. Debian or Ubuntu where it is usually much more split among several packages.

But here, I don’t know, these two entries look very similar. 🤷

This comes from the implementation of Appstream.

yes, exists 2 kdeconnect in appstream-data (+ KDE Connect SMS and KDE Connect Indicator), 4 entries with “desktop-application” tag ; and for majaro all is in one package

  • KDE Connect: Make all your devices one : org.kde.kdeconnect.app
  • KDE Connect: Seamless connection of your devices : org.kde.kdeconnect.kcm.desktop (kcm is setting !)
$ appstreamcli search kdeconnect
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All right, so it is also a case of “two pieces of software actually shipped in one package instead of two like we would likely find on a different distro”, but less obvious at first glance.