Why does some software have multiple entries in pamac?

Every one of these lists the same files as being part of the package and are packaged by the same user.

I had a lot of python2 packages littered as orphans and since calibre is the only package I can think of that used python2 way past it’s shelf life I can only blame this.

I guess my question is, why is this, are packages often such a mess?

sudo pacman -Ss calibre
community/calibre 5.9.0-1 [installed]
    Ebook management application

The reason some applications show up multipple times is AppStream-Data.

It’s a way for software managers (like Pamac) to get meta data information about packages, like description and screenshots.
The downside is that some applications have different sub-applications in the AppStream data, so they get shown multiple times, even though it’s from the same package.


Alright, thanks for the super quick answer. :wink:

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