Why does pacman not update AUR

Why does the command: “sudo pacman -Syyu”
not update updates in AUR???

… because pacman is not supposed to be used for that!

Make it the Arch way (with makepkg), use Pamac or any other AUR helper for updating AUR.

If you have pamac installed you can use one command to update Manjaro’s repos and AUR packages:

pamac upgrade -a

If you use yay then the same can be achieved by

yay -Syu

Yeah wollie has it right. :point_up:

pacman and pamac sound and are written so similar you can forgive regular people for getting confused or thinking they are the same thing.


When I first switched to Manjaro after being a long term mint user I thought pamac and pacman were the same thing and it was a typo/spelling mistake :grin:. Took me a week to realise they were different package managers, so for complete newbs coming from Windows it must be more confusing


So I better change from:
sudo pacman -Syyu
pamac upgrade -a
(not: sudo pamac upgrade -a ----> Warnung: Bauen von Paketen als root ist nicht erlaubt)
Wieder etwas gelernt, danke!
googlish: Learned something again, thank you!

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