Why does Nemo file manager put hidden (dot) files and directories AFTER normal ones, not before?

Sort: by name
Order: ascending
What I see in my home folder from top to bottom

  1. dirs with English names
  2. dirs with Russian names
  3. hidden dirs (.cache, .config, … so on)
  4. normal files
  5. hidden files (like .bashrc … so on)

Same home folder in Thunar (on the same computer) looks fine, like it should.


That’s obviously not the intention of the developers here.

I personally like this it is a great system I don’t like Thunar system at all. Have you tried to change from the default Name perhaps one of the others will do what you want?

Do developers leave the ability to disable this “super feature”?

Thunar is not a system, it’s a file manager like Nemo.
And Nemo’s feature is not great at all if it breaks sorting order.
Dot has a lower ASCI code than digits and letters.

Have you tried to change Nemo’s view? Aaci codes have nothing to do with nemo’s view as it’s default is Names

Yes, all 3 views (icon view, list view, compact view) follow this “rule”.

Look under the view menu.

and what?

Arrange Items

I don’t understand you.
Post screenshot of what you want to tell me.

If developers implement ascending order then they MUST follow it. If developers want to implement some other order they SHOULD made up a specific name for it!

You can open an issue on their GitHub, this is how it is intended.

Issue with sorting hidden files was reported to Nemo on Github in 2019

Sort hidden files the same as normal files · Issue #2177 · linuxmint/nemo · GitHub

Maintainer’s response before closing issue showed a comparison of Nemo, Nautilus, Caja and Thunar with this comment

Mr T Webster commented on Jan 13, 2020
All of them sort hidden files separately from normal files. The only difference is thunar sorts hidden files before while the other three sort them after normal files.

None of them offer an option to change this, and I don’t really think it would be an improvement (nor do others I’ve discussed this with). I find it easier to identify hidden folders/files the way it is now, regardless of how windows or mac does it.

This is just one issue report about the way nemo shows folders/files. most other issue reports are about alphabetical or chronological sorting of files

If Thunar works according to expectations but Nemo does not, simple solution is to keep on using Thunar instead of Nemo

Or build a forked version of Nemo with the sort hidden files the same as normal files commit included
GitHub - stevenxxiu/nemo

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