Why does my screen not turn off/computer goto sleep after the preset amount of time?

Once in a while my monitors will turn off/computer will goto sleep but it's a rare occurrence. This is very annoying.

This is a PC btw.


Some applications under certain conditions may make an exception and suppress Plasma's own power management. (Examples: stream videos in web browser, Steam, Feral's game mode if installed and enabled.)

Check under System Tray > Battery and Brightness widget > "application doing xyz". Anything like this?

Since I'm on a PC, I have Battery&... disabled. I turned it on however to look into it. Right now it seems that power management is being suppressed because Steam is on I guess though I'm not playing any games.

In any case, I want power management to be suppressed only due to activity, meaning that I'm using the computer. How do I make this happen? Thanks.

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