Why does Manjaro include development/locale files in their packages?


I am not asking for support just curious. I prefer to save the internet and download only the run files and not things like headers if I am not compiling software.

I am aware, if this bothers me too much, to move to a distro that split development to packages called
package-dev or package-development. Ditto locale files

So my question is, why are the downstream maintainers, mainly Arch people not spllitting their packages into run, dev and locale pacakges?

I admit I did not do sufficient research on Arch or Arch based distros before installing it. :blush:

thanks for reading

Package example

pamac info pipewire
reveals downstream maintainer is an Arch user

pamac list -f pipewire
shows locales and headers

Arch Wiki has a FAQ section and a section on the differences compared to other distributions and as you question is more about Arch - who is better to explain it?


One of my favorite quotes form the Arch Wiki


Arch is a pragmatic distribution rather than an ideological one. The principles here are only useful guidelines. Ultimately, design decisions are made on a case-by-case basis through developer consensus. Evidence-based technical analysis and debate are what matter, not politics or popular opinion.

The large number of packages and build scripts in the various Arch Linux repositories offer free and open source software for those who prefer it, as well as proprietary software packages for those who embrace functionality over ideology. - Arch Linux - ArchWiki

I am closing this topic as not directly related to Manjaro.