Why does Deepin use flatpaks?



I’m very curious if anyone knows why the standard Deepin (the debian unstable one) uses flatpaks for most of their apps? Like their Movies and Screen Recorder apps are flatpaks, but their Graphics Manager app is a regular app. Is that good or bad or doesn’t really matter? Thanks for any thoughts on this!


Debian uses a much older package base. To be able to support newer software flatpaks are used. We already have the newest software as we are a rolling distro.


Just to add on to what @tbg said. While you can use PPA’s on a Debian based system, it is greatly discouraged. This is also due to the older package base that Debian uses. The package you are trying to install from a PPA may require a newer library than what is on your system. If you install that newer library, you may break another program installed on your system that needs the older library to run properly. One can get caught up in a game of “whack a mole” trying to fiqure out what works and what doesn’t. Flatpacks, since the needed libraries are included and these libraries are “segregated” away from the rest of the system, allow them to offer updated software without library incompatibility issues.


(and also means you end up having library redundancy = extra weight)


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