Why does Brave not open?

If i open Brave everyday for (i think) 2-3 days, it will stop opening (btw it is open but in the background). What should I do to prevent this? Also I have to uninstall and install Brave to use it again.

Uninstalling and reinstalling an application is never going to solve anything — that is Windows logic.

GNU/Linux is a multi-user operating system. Installing and uninstalling an application is system-wide, while the problem is most likely caused by something in your home directory.

Uninstalling the application will not touch the application-specific files in your home directory, and upon reinstalling the application, it’ll simply use those same files in your home directory again whenever you start the application.

My advice would be to look in your home directory for any directories (“folders”) related to Brave. They will be either in a hidden directory ~/.brave or somewhere under ~/.config and/or ~/.local, and there may also be a directory belonging to Brave under ~/.cache.

Also, applications generally don’t stop working without a reason, and so it must have been something you did “2 or 3 days ago” — going by what you said — that triggered this problem. The usual suspects would be extra themes, add-ons, extensions, et al.


Do you have any extensions installed?
One of your extensions may be the cause.
If so, turn all of them off, then check how your browser is functioning without them. If OK, then turn one of them on…if OK, turn on another one…and so on.

This happened to me the other day with Brave and Ublock Origin. Probably my fault…I was on a site with super-annoying pop-us, and “zapped” all of them. The next time I open Brave, it wouldn’t search. So I deleted Ublock, which deletes the Ublock cache, then reinstalled Ublock after everything was back to normal.