Why do updates change my wallpaper?

I installed Manjaro with GNOME today. I updated it through the package manager and after rebooting noticed the wallpaper had been changed. I tried to find the previous wallpaper but was unable to. I reinstalled manjaro and this time before updating I choose not to update the wallpaper packages. After rebooting my wallpaper was removed and was replaced by a blue screen! Why does updating change my wallpaper and theme settings? Is there any way to stop updates from doing that?

What is the image in question?
It sounds like its from a package … but we dont know without more information.

https:// yout u.be/f2w_Pi5bSqs
(I cant add links or pics in my reply thats why I added the spaces )
the same wallpaper from this video

I mean where does it reside on the filesystem?
Is it in root somehwere or home?
If you could run pacman -Qo /path/to/file you might find if it is owned by a package.

The file is owned by manjaro-dynamic-wallpaper 1.3-1
I didn’t update it the second time but then too after rebooting the wallpaper was replaced by a blank blue one

You shouldnt do that. Its a partial update which means basically broken.
For all we know thats the case - the package updates and in the updated version that old file doesnt exist or is moved or renamed, etc. Whereas if you dont update then the dynamic-wallpaper is broken.
It sounds more to me like updates happened (or you broke them) - not manjaro ‘changing your settings’.
You have opted to use the software of a dynamic wallpaper. Changes will happen to that software over time.
If you like that image I suggest you save it … in your HOME.
Manjaro/updates wont touch files in your home.

okay, thanks for your help! :smile:

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