Why do so many people like ubuntu?


It was once a very good forum, but out dated on their OS for long periods of time.
I left when Qlll was made moderator. He diffidently pick the right avatar for himself.



And that’s when things in the FOSS world go wrong, unless in certain situation (RH-Fedora) which now with IBM makes you wonder…



canonical also has plans for on IPO



true, right now the forums are dead silent



Because Ubuntu kind of “just works” and is kind of the goto Linux distro, it’s extremely user friendly and has sane defaults out of the box that sacrifice configuration for the sake of being very simple, in addition any article written for Linux is probably written assuming Ubuntu is being used, although admittedly I’d suggest if you must have an Ubuntu base to use something like Linux Mint



Distrowatch or relative sites are shown only linux researcher’s (nerds) statistics. Because most people just are installing a distro and they are using these. Still most popular distro is ubuntu. One reason is marketing, another reason is official supports. If you want to see real statistics, most close in the google trends. You can see in there -> https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=%2Fm%2F03x5qm,%2Fm%2F0pdnwdz,Linux%20Mınt

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Forums’ audience loss is a nowadays trend caused by the growth of social networks.
As for Ubuntu forum, it also means in general people do not have serious issues with it which need an involvement of a qualified assistance (just a guess). That is also backed by release model of distribution, just compare with this forum’s posts and you’ll see here problems arise quite often due to rolling release model, this is not too bad, it’s just inevitable consequense of having access to the latest software.



I don’t feel like we have more issues, we just have a better support system for dealing with them, making people feel more comfortable in asking us questions.



not long after going on the ubuntu forums in search of solutions, i could see why the forum seems dead.
too many half solutions to sift through before finding one (maybe) that actually works, i would take the quality of this forum any day over the quantity of ubuntu’s . also, getting app’s on ubuntu should be easier with ubuntu/mint but its not and leaves users having to use ppa’s which alot of times dont work.
if a corporate backed distro with paid employee’s like ubuntu cant even nail down app management as good as a community distro like manjaro with unpaid volunteers are able to do, whats that say?

so, why do so many people like ubuntu?
-lack of experience using other distro’s
-seems like a cool kid thing to say “i use ubuntu, its linux”
-misguided elitism
-not hugged enough as a child :rofl:
-ignorance is bliss
-exciting scheduled activities every 6 months
-love of all things incredibly dull
-cool looking “ubuntu” symbol/word
-have not tried manjaro yet :grin:



Yes, it is.

I’m running lubuntu right now and playing with Manjaro; there’s usually more difference between different desktops than there is between different linux distros, and I don’t mean just ubuntu/manjaro. For me the package management system seems to be the biggest difference between linux distros; I used Arch years ago and have mostly forgotten about the subtleties of pacman, but synaptic is a bit nicer than pamac-manager. Manjaro has had a couple of minor glitches (solved by kernel 4.19 --> 4.14) which lubuntu didn’t have.

I always install fluxbox window manager, and and it’s nice to work from a distro which offers something similar as part of its install, namely lxde (ubuntu) and openbox (manjaro).



I started with kali didn’t understood anything then installed mint didn’t like old outdated stuff then tried Ubuntu keyboard stopped working
Then tried opensuse tumbleweed everything worked great but started distro hopping
manjaro works best for my taste



That was so me before I found out about Manjaro. :rofl:



I can’t tell you how many times a Google search results in a similar Ubuntu forums query that only yields unanswered questions.



Yep, omnipresence…oh man , you’re annoying



I suppose the same could be said of Manjaro and other distros with different editions: Xfce Edition, KDE Edition, Lxde Edition,… Add add all of those up, and Manjaro could still be on top.



I used to be a Ubuntu noob and sware by it but now I’m gay for manjaro and I love manjaro arch like features but with easy use and I love building my own builds with manjaro tools. manjaro is a very special OS compared to the others



relevant xkcd





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