Why do so many people like ubuntu?


Easy question…

The main reason is because “Ubuntu” is popular. Ubuntu is so popular, that people that don’t even know what Linux is, when listen to someone talking about “linux” thinks that Linux = Ubuntu.
I don’t blame them for such ignorance.

People usually don’t like distro that are not Debian or Ubuntu based. They find it very hardcore.
There are a lot of tutorials, guides, articles, documentation for Ubuntu and these possibly will work on Linux Mint, Peppermint, elementaryOS… because they’re spins of Ubuntu/Debian. I don’t even mention about other Ubuntu flavors that are not the main Ubuntu with Gnome.

I have seeN a lot of comments like “Arch is for users that like to suffer”, “Arch users like to have breakages”, “Arch users are such nerds”. And we’re not even exactly “Arch users”. Manjaro is just like Ubuntu is for Debian. Manjaro is the Ubuntu from Arch Linux.

~> People tend to use Ubuntu (not only for it be a popular distro) but because it has a “Company” behind. I mean Canonical.
~> Some people prefer fixed releases over rolling releases (what Arch/Manjaro is) due to have some “stability”.
~> People like to use PPA’s.
~> People are used to Ubuntu/Debian commands, they don’t want to learn other comands.
~> People think that only Ubuntu is user friendly and other distros aren’t as user friendly as Manjaro. They’re afraid of changing distro and doesn’t like the way it works.


Not in any conversation since Ubuntu was first issued have I ever heard that come up. Not verbally and not in any internet communication. And I tend to get around. I know a lot of us like to repeat that story, but just saying…



Not all newcomers will find Manjaro that friendly, in particular those:

  1. who just want to click a button to install updates without having to check an online forum for update warnings and solutions for some update problems;
  2. don’t need the latest and greatest version of software.

Comes down to user preferences and ability.

Ubuntu may be merely the starting point of a Linux journey for some users (since it’s probably the most well known Linux system for personal use to the general public) but it may well be the final destination for others who just want to use their computers for very standard things.

Going back to the motorcycle analogy, some users just want a motorcycle or scooter that gets them from point A to B. They don’t need some highly tuned racing machine.


Eh , google linux and see what comes up , it ain’t Manjaro . That’s part of the reason IMO .



But it depends on your language, where you are (country) or what search engine you are using.

I’m in the Netherlands, but my native language is Portuguese and I use Google as my search engine, this is what I see when I search “Linux”.


I still see Mint and Ubuntu mentioned on those pages . People are gonna take the path of least resistance given the opportunity .


Pretty sure that’s Animal Farm.

Either way it’s definitely OT. :wink:


Oops, you’re right. It is Animal farm.


Why do so many people like ubuntu?
When I read that question what popped in to my mind was: It’s the other white meat.
Explanation: Pork. The Other White Meat
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Then I checked the revered Linux oracle

And have to ask : … so many? :thinking:

Any way It’s the other white meat.


Because *ubuntu is actually quite good?


Because *there’s no accounting for taste?


Mass never had anything in common with class.

Billions of flies love intestinal excretions :wink:

I start with Suse :frowning: no way

Years later Ubuntu then Mint now Manjaro.


I like *ubuntu very much, since the very first version :wink: but then, there’s Manjaro…


This would imply logically that the qualitiy of popular and unpopular things should be statistically equally distributed.


Find out once again that my English is too bad for such discussions :wink:

Millionen lesen die “Bild”, trotzdem ist die weder gut noch eine Zeitung :smiley:


I doubt that we can productively discuss about populary and goodness in any language.

Edit: An example how stupid thinking about it can get is this quote: :wink:

The only proof capable of being given that an object is visible, is that people actually see it. The only proof that a sound is audible, is that people hear it: and so of the other sources of our experience. In like manner, I apprehend, the sole evidence it is possible to produce that anything is desirable, is that people do actually desire it. - Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill, 1863, Chapter 4.


everyone googles ‘linux’, manually search for Manjaro page by page, and click.
this would promote Manjaro to the front page. :stuck_out_tongue:

[update] Manjaro is on page 14.


People like Ubuntu because it’s a lot like Windows, it records certain things that you do. :zipper_mouth_face:


They do? Why? This was one of the main reasons I went looking for a non-debian based distro. Sometimes I’d spend 15-30 minutes just searching for the right PPA (conflicting advice, names changed, web sites changed). And even after finding the right one, the individual PPA server might go down regularly. And this was for major packages like ffmpeg.