Why do so many people like ubuntu?


I remember a time when it was actually pretty good, but has since fallen as a dsitro.
In my office 2 people (including myself) run manjaro, the other 3 swear by unbuntu as if it were something to worship.
Aside from personal favorites, am I missing something that ubuntu has that we don’t?
Of course to each his own, but WHen I ask them whats better in ubuntu, other than it’s been around for ages, I get no answers. My big brother’s used Triumph motorbike from the 70s has been around for ages, yet my Ducatti Monster from 2014 can do everyrhing his can and better. Where is the logic?


This is either #off-topic or #other-os

Fixed release, fancy names, usual media hype and a company behind


Not necessarily any logic. Sometimes it’s brand familiarity and brand marketing. Perception is also big. I am an audio guy and know quite a few brands of speakers, amplifiers etc. I love good hifi equipment but I will never buy Bose products. Many people think they are the best but I know that if you do a proper comparison of speakers etc. then you would go for anything else but Bose. They suck and are overpriced but marketing sells expensive crap to the sheeple. Ubuntu is what most people think of when it comes to Linux distros since they are not aware of other distros that are newbie friendly such as PCLinuxOS and Manjaro.




A bit of distro envy it seems.
As for myself being a on again /off again Ubuntu user and for me the appeal is general ease of use and when ubuntu is solid it is solid.
Granted they made a few mistakes in both 16.04 and 18.04 however I still say ubuntu is a good distro overall.
I will not say ubuntu is problem free nor will I say its the best distro (that title goes to Linux Mint IMHO but Manjaro is very close).
That is very subjective however if it works for someone i will not argue with it.
Linux is linux for me, no need to get your panties in a twist if ubuntu gets so much attention.


Ubuntu suits them, why would they look elsewhere?


Ubuntu is better than nothing.
PS: I actually don’t mind using Ubuntu when I have to, when I want to run MOFO Linux or recommend UALinunx to local users.


Ease of use, stability, repos, PPAs
Xubuntu is particularly solid.


Shouldn’t this question be asked on the Ubuntu forums? What did you expect manjaro users to say.
I use Xubuntu for several years now. Ubuntu doesn’t work for my older pc, not does any other Gnome, KDE distro.


Well, as said above “it’s better than nothing”
So… asking there is a bit more prone to people just having one data point, while hopefully here only those that tried it (but now are obviously using something else) will comment.

Anyway, imo:
it’s just because it was the first. Not the first linux distro of course, but prolly at least the first one that started to really super duper care and push for “users” (not to be confused with clients, in the server world)
Or at least so the story goes…
To this day, too. Fame brings in more fame.


Ubuntu is just the gateway drug! Ubuntu has name recognition, they “certify” compatible hardware and they build on a respectable base, debian and they have a good installer. You try ubuntu, realize linux is a good idea compared to the alternative(s) and then maybe discover that there are other distros out there. You have to walk before you can run.


Install Debian , bloatfree …


Why do so many people like Windows? No idea, ask them. Same for Ubuntu, ask them. Put this question on the Ubuntu forum and see what kind of answers you get.


Ubuntu is the classic Linux distro (the most well known). It has been a pretty good distro for years. Manjaro on the other hand is newer. They both have their reasons for users to prefer one over the other. According to distro watch, Manjaro is #1 distro and Ubuntu is #3, so both Os have a huge fan base.


Not entierly true. Ubuntu is divided into several *buntu’s. Add up all numbers and the score could be different:
Ubuntu 1704, Lubuntu 417, Xubuntu 311 and Kubuntu 240. Together 2672.
Still lower than Manjaro but almost the same as LinuxMint which also, just as Manjaro, has 1 record in the list. No idea why they do that.


Veneration - the same goes for people rebuilding and running old cars and locomotives.

They love to remember how it was before all the new shiny electronics.


i respect the shorter term LTS builds of ubuntuMATE and kubuntu. both are polished user experiences in their own right and I much prefer them to stock ubuntu (that includes unity from the old 16.04 and now GNOME). Ubuntu should grant them full term LTS status really as they certainly warrant it and users would benefit from it.

canonical have a massive marketing budget to push their distribution further into the mainstream than others.

the reason I personally use manjaro is I like the rolling release and package management system, not to mention the support and community are second to none.

it’s really down to personal preference though. when you find something you are comfortable with and have the ideal work flow for your needs it is irrelevant which distribution you end up using.

where can you ride your Monster to it’s full capability apart from on a race track? you may turn your nose up at an old school cafe racer but I bet it’s still a very comforable and decent ride on the road regardless of the power deficit to your superbike. Old Triumphs and other cafe racers are increasingly valuable these days, they are having a renaissance.


I just think that Linux is like that old saw about Pizza. All Linux is good by definition. Or, to paraphrase a friend,

“All Linux distributions are good, it’s just that some are better than others.”


All distro’s are equal, but some are a bit more equal than others.
George Orwell Animal Farm.


Now you’re talking Macs. Don’t confuse the issue.

But at least it wasn’t nuns. :wink: