Why do I have to update python, ms fonts, kernel, etc just to install oracle xe?

I recently installed manjaro budgie and it worked perfectly fine. It didn't cause any problems like detecting my nvidia 920m that causes black screen. It installed perfectly and worked flawlessly. But I tried to install oracle 11g from pacmac using AUR.
I saw that I had to update every single thing including fonts and what not.
As i downloaded 1.1 GB of updates I left it on to have breakfast and when I came back. After logging in using my password, it showed me black screen with cursor.
It must have downloaded the latest kernel which might have caused the problem. I selected non free drivers while installation.
I logged in tty and edited grub file
"Grub_commandline_linux" and set it to nouveau.blacklist=1 and entered
Sudo reboot and its taking half an hour just to reboot.
Plz help me
I am a newbie and started using linux for the past 3 months.
All I want is to use oracle11g, eclipse ide, tomcat server
And other java related technologies. I cant install oracle or any other database in my windows 10. So i started using linux.
I have studied java for the past 1.5 years after completing my graduation and I really need a job.
Plz help me or my future is doomed.

First of all, welcome to the forum.

Can you please point the exact package that you installed. I see this guy https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/oracle-xe-11g/ in AUR

Which command/tool did you use to install it? Because pacmac doesn't work with AUR packages, AFAIK.

What exactly is your current problem is?

You are on a rolling release distro. Updates will be quite often on it and you will have to do them accordingly and follow the announcement protocol, where there are described all encountered issues and the workarounds or fixes.
Here is the announcement you should read

For your issue, start here

No need to appeal to fatality ...

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No it showed to options
1.Oracle-xe popularity . 92
2.Oracle-xe-11g popularity . 00

I selected 1st one with popularity 0.92

Okay, i'm not big oracle guy, but definitely https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/oracle-xe/ pretty out of date.
It must be substitution in the AUR.

The second point I don't see in its dependencies kernels. So we are backing to the question, maybe you haven't been updating your system for a while, that's why pacman install you a new kernel. And this case doesn't connected to oracle packages.

I get black screen with mouse after I login. After 2 minutes of black screen i get login screen again.
When i press ctrl+alt+f2
I get
Pcireport severity corrected reciever id
In Ubuntu i used to fix this by editing grub nomodeset or pci= noaer
Is there any fix.

can you post the output of screenfetch command please?

How is the entropy on that machine? If is low, install and enable haveged
sudo pacman -S haveged && sudo systemctl enable haveged --now

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I dont have access to tty
I cant type a single thing
Because of pcireport severity corrected simultaneously

you don't need tty right now. Are you logged in to your system? Can you able to launch terminal/konsole?

When i press ctrl+alt+f2
I cant type anything because of errors

No i cant access terminal

Don't press ctrl+alt+f2 right now. Can you launch just simple terminal in your desktop environment?

What is the error? Can you post the full error, also can you take a screenshot?

Pciport 0.0c.xxx severity corrected (reciever id)
Cant read most of the things because of how fast the errors appear.

I'm still confused what are you seeing right now. Is it black screen with error above? For me, photo/screenshot will be really useful.

I get the above image error when I press ctrl alt f2
Otherwise it just jumps back and forth to blackscreen and login page

okay can you jumps to login page and login with your user?

When I login I get black screen again

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