Why did my topic from 1.Sept 2020 got deleted/vanished?

Hello @moderators @admins

Yesterday I created a topic about my troubles with my machine registering AC/BAT change…

long story short - today it is gone! Its not there any more (not locked or such) just plain not there any longer. Was there any issue with the forum or with myself?

Screenshot of my empty created Topics list

This one ?

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I have moved that thread ─ only just now ─ to the #support:laptop section, and this one here to the #site-feedback:forum section.

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It would have been nice if discource (Discobot?) automatically messages you when your topic gets moved.

Nope - a almost identical one I composed yesterday. The linked one is the new one I had to open because the one from yesterday vanished.
The one you linked is from 2nd September - the one I am asking about was created by me on the 1st.

Thank you for moving it - did for what ever reason not see the “laptop” subsection. But as mentioned above its the Topic I created today about the same problem.

As the screenshot in the first post in this topic shows - while I created >this< here - it showed no created topics.

Additionally - discordbot again sent me notification about me completing the “Advanced user features” tutorial which I completed days ago. Thus my worry about a rollback!

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You’ll have to ask @codesardine, he deleted it. Not sure why.


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Thank you very much for getting me into the know!

As I don’t think the poor Topic violated any guidelines in a way that justifies deleting it without any notice I please ask @codesardine for his reasoning.

The topic does not violate any rules it was deleted by mistake.

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Alright, thank you for clarification =)
Mistakes happen, better than a malfunction in the system which I was worried it might have been.

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Do topics ever get deleted? I thought that in the case of a violation the topic simply gets locked. I mean, if something is wrong it should be shown what is wrong, instead of hiding it. Although I guess in the case of spam you might want to remove the topic.

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