Why can't I de-like posts?

I was reading on some topics, and when not paying attention I liked something I didn't intent to. Then I wanted to de-like it, much like you can on Facebook, and noticed you can't. Why is that? Screenshot of what I get below, as can be seen, mouse usage is disabled.

It's because of this Discourse setting:


Note the 10-minute default.

There must be a reason why this is a setting, and why they chose 10 minutes.


Interesting. I already thought I could do it before, so I was surprised I couldn't now. I must have taken longer to write my own post then I thought. I kinda forgot about it while writing until I saw the like afterwards and couldn't remove. I'm quickly distracted :sweat_smile:.


I believe it's mostly meant as an anti-abuse feature. Can you imagine receiving multiple notifications for the same post over days of time of someone liking and unliking your post?