Why can't graphical installer create boot partition if I choose GPT over MBR?

If I have large disk (2TB+) then I should use GPT over MBR, but in this case I have to manually create special partition (ESP partition) with flag boot mounted to /boot/efi with size of 512 MB and formatted in FAT32 fle system. (if I am wrong in any part please correct me).

So why can’t graphical installer do it for me with one click?

It does… are you sure you booted in EFI mode?
Or that you do not have an ESP already selected?

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What EFI mode? I am newbee. I am trying to install Manjaro KDE on my new computer and to delete pre-installed Windows on it.

Boot into your firmware. Disable CSM if possible. Within your firmware menu you usually can select to directly boot the Manjaro ISO stick, there should be two entries at least, one entry with UEFI in front, that’s the way to boot the ISO in EFI mode. Only when booting in EFI mode you also can install Manjaro in EFI mode to your disk.



If you know nothing of Linux then I think you should take this into [Consideration] Is Manjaro the right distribution for you?

And this [root tip] [How To] Update Manjaro the smart way

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I am already on Manjaro XFCE right now. I just want to switch to KDE. So I am not absolute beginner.

Before Manjaro I even used to work in pure Arch, but I tired very quickly when you have to read tons of manuals and then manually edit tons of config files in order to make simple things work. It’s like working with atoms in order to build something big.

So decided to stay on Arch base but to look for more user-friendly distro, that’s how I knew about Manjaro.

I like Manjaro for 3 reasons

  1. It’s rolling release distro like Arch. I don’t like to wait a year so I can update my apps.
  2. It’s much more user-friendly unlike Arch.
  3. Apps in repo are tested before being uploaded unlike Arch when you can install some buggy stuff.

But I don’t know in details hardware things like UEFI+GPT, BIOS+MBR.

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Use a search engine of your choice and look for wikipedia, Archlinux or Manjaro tutorials - there are many.

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It is true you may not need the same level of knowledge as with Arch proper but that only pertains to the installation

You need an equal amount of skills to successfully use Manjaro - this fact is often left out or outright forgotten when the fanboys praise Manjaro on youtube and tech blogs.

That is a common misunderstanding.

Manjaro communikty perform the testing when they use unstable or testing branch and report their issues in the relevant release threads.

The vast package majority comes directly from Arch - not counting the kernel and related packages - so the buggy stuf may be on Manjaro as well if not caught by a community member.

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Calamares installer shows boot environment (BIOS or EFI)

and disk partition table (MBR or GPT)


recheck all option in UEFI/Bios to get only UEFI

disable secureboot
disable fastboot
no CSM or Legacy
choose UEFI only or first or others ( not windows )
disks on AHCI
no optane RST

and boot in UEFI only on USB iso
you should see this
UEFI < USB vendor name > < partition 1>

before install you can ( careful here UEFI come from USB iso not your disk )
partitions should be GPT

inxi -Mza
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo parted -l
sudo efibootmgr -v
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