Why can’t we just install video games from a repo?

“Can’t you just apt-get Arma 3?”
“No I’m on Manjaro…”

Then I thought, why can’t we just pacman video games from a repo? Is there a repo that has all the games compiled and what not and works? Is that a thing?

What would it require to make it a thing? Is it even a good idea?

Most linux games are in AUR and some are in official repositories already List of games - ArchWiki
So, yeah, is possible to use either:
pamac build game-name-from-AUR
or for those in repositories:
pamac install game-name
sudo pacman -S game-name

Mind you, games available via Steam can’t be installed like that.

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If Steam wants to do all this proton stuff and help linux, hmm,

Well still, that’s cool that we have that, I knew there were some games like libre games and what not, but more than I expected in this list. Would be cool to just have the ability to sudo pacman -S epic-game-name Steam-Game-Name. Perhaps someday in the future it’ll all be integrated and crossplatform for everyone…

Wishful thinking…Future thinking?