Why are there two forums for the support in german language?


by accident I had a typing failure this morning and now I am connected to https://de.manjaro.org/index.php also where I find a other forum in german language. But inside of this forum at https://forum.manjaro.org/ are already boards for support in in german language.
This makes me confuse.

My question is:

  • Why are there two forums and which one to use?
  • Do this not double the affford for the Manjaro Helpdesk?

Why is the english Manjaro manual in the live system placed on the desktop, where I like it, but not on the installed system, where I miss it on the desktop and in the Welcome App?


the one here is the correct one.
the other one is a relict from the time before this discourse forum was established and some people are somewhat hesitant to switch to this "international forum with language - corners" due to reasons that I can not understand.

The other forum was down for some time due to resource shortage on the servers, and the people from over there tried to voice their opinion here, but all they did was reach people from inside their circle and to others (or at least to me), all they did was acting entitled and somewhat reactionary with arguments like "I don't want to try english because it is redundant/needless" or "I don't want to post in a german subsection, I want a completely german forum!" and "I want an answer on why our forum for 10 people is not hosted any more"

To answer the question of effort put into the other forum: Apart from hosting it and one guy copy-pasting the english(!) announcements, it does not look like anyone from the dev team is really watching the other forum.

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