Why am I getting update notifications for current versions of Flatpak apps?

Initially I was experiencing this with TOR; now I’m experiencing it with several other Flatpaks I’ve installed, eg Brave and LibreOffice.

I keep getting notifications in Pamac that an update is availalbe, only to learn its the currently installed version of that app.

Is there something askew in the integration of Flatpaks with Pamac?

How do you know it’s the same version?

This is a recurring question.

Pamac - I assume - get the information from flathub.org - and as such it can only display the version info it gets from there.

Flathub pulls the information from GitHub repos. The main application is rebuilt for every commit, whether it’s an actual updated of the packaged application or not.
The not-part maybe infrastructure or build-script updates which have nothing to do with the application itself. You still receive an update.

I think I had this when I tried flatpaks as well. I came to the conclusion that the apps themselves are up-to-date but the libraries they require, thus install and use, might not be and that’s what causes the alerts.