White color hiding the list in folder

Hello, I’m new user on Manjaro. I literally like this distro (Friendly for new users so… ).
I start setup my desktop but unknowingly I do mistake but I can’t figure out what did I do.

well I can’t post photo/link so I will try describe the problem… white color hiding the text (in the list (unordered, ordered etc) , its only shows the text when I’m on other window (No matter what it is (app, folder, photo, etc)…

Any tips for fix this problem? (plus its will be better if u will see the screenshot, cuz I’m not good at describing the problem)
p.s sry for my English, I’m not a native English speaker…

Welcome to the forum!

I would suggest trying another color scheme. :arrow_down:

System SettingsAppearance → Colors

Ty for reply (that was rly fast :slight_smile: )
I realise the problem is rly colors… but > System SettingsAppearance → Colors doesn’t work on this app/folder idk why maybe I have changed it manualy
at this moment the main folder is with other color scheme which works perfectly… but “Add/Remove Software” style have same problem…

Pamac ─ that which you call “Add/Remove Software” ─ is a GTK application, and GTK does not play well with the KDE/Qt settings. Try choosing a different GTK theme… :arrow_down:

System SettingsAppearance → Application Style

Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style

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Ty, It works :heart:

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