Whisker key stroke delay


After pressing super key to call out the Whisker menu, typing “mathe” will suggest apps like Mathematica… but most of the time, due to delay of the menu, the first few strokes (“ma” here) are missing, resulting in a search item of ‘the’, which still suggests Mathematica, but not quite pleasant:

is it possible to make the menu respond instantaneously enough such that all key strokes of search item are captured ?

Actually found a solution on reddit:
As Links are not allowed, just google for a Post called “Whisker menu slow” in r/ManjaroLinux
Worked for me, but it can be a little buggy, when you press the Super button 3 times in the right speed. But nothing too serious. And it is quite a lot faster. Not instant tho…

Hope there will be a better fix in the future :slight_smile:

Here’s the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ManjaroLinux/comments/k9mf2h/whisker_menu_slow/

But if you do this, you can’t use combo keyboard shortcuts with Super key. For example, if you configure Super+Q as a shortcut to some command, it either won’t work or it’ll work but it’ll also open whisker menu.