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Harware is Pinebook Pro Laptop with kde desktop.

Hi all. The Manjaro Arm release for the PBPro offers Winetricks for installation. It would not install due to an failed "wine" dependency. Is this the best package for a Windows Application? I wish to use a windows mapping program. It has installed (using wine) on a previous laptop. Any ideas on how to make this happen?

Wine is not available for Manjaro ARM, but I think @Pak0st was trying to get Hangover (a Wine substitute for ARM) working. Not sure how successful he was though.


Look here for arm 64


or here, but not arm 64



@brm what is the software you want to run? There could be a native Linux alternative that will be a lot easier to get running in the PBP.

You can see my attempt with Hangover here: [EXPERIMENTAL] Hangover (Wine) requirements for aarch64
I still have a lot to do and the current state of Hangover is definitely not for the faint of heart. On a separate issue thread, the one of the lead devs have outlined that this project is something they do for fun and haven't had time recently to work on: https://github.com/AndreRH/hangover/issues/20

There are more straightforward emulation approaches - I'm sure you will be able to find easily a RPi video tutorial on running Windows apps.
When I have the time, I'll try to find the emulation post from pine64's forum.

But I would still consider using a Linux alternative at this point of time.

My reason for wanting Wine running on PBPro was to make use of a Windows mapping/gps program. In a previous time I would take a laptop (then Asus 1000H Eepc) with a gps transponder and Mapping program when camping. I was hoping to repeat this with the PBP. Not sure if this is do-able with Manjaro Arm. However I will explore all suggestions - many thanks.

I'm not familiar with the available software on Linux for gps and maps. Let alone how they compare for such a specific use case as camping and off-road.
There have to be such solutions, I'm just not familiar with them.
A cursory Google search points me to FoxtrotGPS, Viking, Route Converter, QMapShack, GPSMan, etc. You could try to fetch and compile one of those. If you have something in mind, it will be easier to focus on one or two programs.

Ask in the more general sections which mapping tool other Linux users are finding useful. There shouldn't be much to do if the software is in AUR (most of the time it's simple change in the PKGBUILD during install to arch=("aarch64") )

I wonder if Garmin or some other map application from Android world could satisfy your needs. My extremely short test with one of the first apps that popped up on FDroid look promising: https://twitter.com/PakoSStoyanov/status/1225712523061624832?s=20

I do not have a gps but linux/wine has issues with a lot of devices. For sure dvb/dvbt/atsc devices due to the API in the software (devices in windows and linux are named different). An example I use wine and tsreader sometimes and tsreader will not tune my satellite dvb/atsc devices but I can tune the devices under linux and use dvbstream to create a udp stream and then tsreader can use the stream and I can view the channels using vlc. This was on my x86 though. It seems they have wine working some what from researching a little on the aarch64 but it appears X11 is disabled.

../configure --host=aarch64-linux-gnu host_alias=aarch64-linux-gnu --with-wine-tools=../yourotherbuilddir/ --without-freetype --without-x --enable-win64

And it also says you can use qemu to run X11 apps but that is not a rabbit hole I would not like to go down on aarch64:

Emulation - WineHQ

Was wondering if your previous laptop had windows OS installed.

I do have some friends that has messed with gps in linux in the past but have no clue what software they used or how far they got with it.

A good place to start would be here:

GPS - ArchWiki

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