Which video drivers should I install for Ryzen 3500U

I have gotten this laptop with ryzen 3500U however the graphics performance is not very good. I did let manjaro install the open source drivers. Currently I am got video-linux in manjaro settings. Also I am running kernal 5.7 and have installed the vulkan-radeon package. I often see a little stuttering when streaming videos and when running some games its awful. Any help if someone else has same apu as me and which drivers they have installed.

I have a 3550h and work just fine with that driver using manjaro kde, if your using kde check the compositor options and change it to OpenGL 3.1

the best driver is in the video-linux metapackage.
The other option is modesetting, but it has worse performance.

Other drivers are only existing for enterprise distributions like RHEL/CentOS/UbuntuLTS - they offer worse performance.

In general the amdgpu driver is automatically chosen and is the preferred and best option for any recent AMD-GPU/APU. There should not be any reason to switch unless you have some specific needs.
If you are using amdgpu and have unexpectedly poor performance, you might have other issues behind it.
Stuttering in streaming videos (assuming your internet connection is stable and good) might be a problem with hardware acceleration (I guess you are using a browser?) not working properly, so that might be a starting point.
Another possibility for laptops in particular is thermal throttling from overheating, or specific power/performance settings. Check your temps/frequency while running a game and/or have a look in BIOS if you have anything like a special battery saving mode enabled that might downclock the chip too aggressively.

Also, keep in mind that the iGPU of the 3500U, while offering good performance for an integrated GPU (better than most of what Intel has), is still not powerful enough to run modern games on high settings at high fps.

Can you give some examples of the games you are trying to run?

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