Which sound card do you use?

After months of hell trying to get my Creative Soundblaster Z working I have finally admitted defeat. I managed to get the sound working using Alsamixer, I re-mapped the ports using HDAJackRetask because it wouldn’t detect my microphone, I upgraded the kernel to fix the audio lag, but I can’t for the life of me fix the sound sometimes stops working until I do a cold boot problem.

I love the SoundBlaster Z, the crystallizer feature makes music sound amazing and I will be sad to give it up but it’s just become a major headache. It worked flawlessly under Windows for years but Manjaro just won’t work with it.

I would rather not get an external DAC. I know they are the better option but I would prefer to avoid more cables and things on my desk. Can anyone recommend an internal sound card that just works out of the box with having to mess with a dozen different things?

You could always try to acquire a M-Audio Delta 2946 soundcard (ICE1712 [Envy24]). That is old and well supported on Linux even on Bleeding Edge Manjaro.
But, as you say yourself, the better option would be a USB Soundcard. :wink: