Which screen recorder?


Which screen recorder do you recommend for Gnome DE (preferable GTK)? I need one that can also record sound and save as mp4.


The new kid on the block is Kooha available in the AUR (Arch User Repository) community repo. It can save as WebM or MKV. Much more efficient and smaller file size than MP4.

There’s also of course the built-in screen recorder using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R that does save as MP4 by default.


Okay, I’ll check it out. TGhanks.

I use Peek

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I been using OBS for years.

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Is it possible to change settings in the Gnome build-in screen recorder?

Not really, there’s only a couple settings.

You can change the maximum length of screen recordings by changing this value in Dconf Editor:


Set a value in seconds or 0 for unlimited.

You can also change the keyboard shortcut:


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